America lost yesterday. Winning the House alone not result enough to claim victory. There was no blue wave. The result merely bore fruit once again that there are two Americas.

The Democratic Party could not have taken a better shot at correcting things. Women and the young joining forces with the Party. The long lines. With what result? A draw from my perspective.

The best Democratic candidates lost. Beto O’Rourke, Andrew Gillum and Stacey Abrams.

All made good runs. Came up short. Abrams may still have a chance if there is a run off.

O’Rourke not finished. His career has just begun. Presidential timber. He is different. America needs different.

It is a disgrace that Gillum was beat by an obvious racist. Not surprising. Trump is a racist. Indication that half the country has racist tendencies.

Each side was rebuked. I prefer rebuked where one might consider wins.

The Democrats were rebuked because they did not win the Senate and three of their top candidates failed to win.

Trump rebuked because Democrats won Congress and a significant number of governorships.

What do the next two years hold? Escalated conflict or each side reaching across the aisle? Trump has already sent out a couple of tweets this morning. He is geared up to fight.

The Democrats are sure to use their subpoena power to cause investigations.

No marriage in the making.

The mid-terms a sad result.

Enjoy your day!



2 comments on “AMERICA LOST

  1. Dear Lou,

    Put away the hemlock. Trump will be held in check now… no funding for the Waaaaaallllll. Any executive attempts trying to circumvent the Constitution will be stopped.

    The investigations will continue… now with the teeth of subpoena. Obama care will stay in place with tweaks and improvements coming.

    It could have been better… it could have been worse. But no matter what, Democracy and government change via the vote instead of coup d’état continues.

    Kokomo Man

  2. Hey Lou, did you think the deplorables and their enablers were going to turn tail and run? They have been under rocks and in basements for decades seething with bigotry and hatred, just waiting for a President like Trump. Those that open their eyes will see, those that do not will be driven back to the dark places they call home.

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