Big day today! The mid-term election of all mid-term elections. The direction the U.S. will take to be determined.


Ernest Hemingway wrote, “Today is only one day in all the days that will ever be. But what will happen in all the other days that ever come can depend on what you do today.”

Canadian blogger Ian Welsh wrote, “Trump’s a very effective guy in certain ways, but he’s also a moron in a lot of other ways, and a crude and rather petty man…..Let’s hope Americans put a brake on him.”

I read something that gives me added concern re the polls. After Hillary’s loss, I find it difficult to accept polls as accurate.

What I read indicated the polls only make inquiry of registered voters from previous elections. For this election, there are many newly registered voters. Ergo, not included in the poll taking.

If such correct, how dependable can the polls be?

My evening full. Syracuse basketball at 7, my podcast at 9, the election results thereafter.

Syracuse playing its first official game of the season. Against Eastern Washington. An opening game in the 2 K Empire Classic. Supports the Wounded Warrior Project. The winner(s) will play in the finals next week in Madison Square Garden.

Come 9, my podcast Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. A fast moving half hour of Louis ranting and raving about whatever moves him at the moment. Enjoyable! Join me.

Finally, the election results to whatever time in the morning.

The caravan coming from Guatemala and Honduras keeps changing numbers/size. Began at 4,0000. Then 7,000. Reduced to 3,500. Now, 5,000.

FOX News now claims there are actually 4 caravans on the way totaling 12,000.

Does anyone really know?

Have you noticed how Trump is more and more referring to the caravan as an “invasion.” Simple reason. He has been advised American military cannot use their guns within U.S. boundaries unless there is an “invasion.”

The barbed wire being laid adds to the anticipated “attack.”

I hope we do not see the bodies of immigrants lying across the barbed wire.

Remember Forrest Gump? Among his other talents was cross country running. There is another. Pete Kostelnick.

Pete is 31. He arrived in Key West recently from Alaska. Ran the whole way. 5,400 miles. Averaged 55 miles a day. Began the trip July 31.

Not his first cross country race. Gump did it several times. In 2016, Pete ran from San Francisco to New York City. Three thousand sixty seven miles in 42 days.

Russian history, novels, etc. excite me. Full of drama.

On this day in 1917, the Bolshevik portion of the Russian revolution began. The revolution was over in 2 days. Vladimir Lenin and his followers formed a new government. The take over a near bloodless coup.

The Provincial Government first led Russia following the overthrow of the Czar. The government lasted only 3 1/2 months before being overthrown by Lenin.

Alexander Kerensky was the head of the Provisional Government. In effect, the first President of free Russia. He had to escape Russia when Lenin took over. He was to be eliminated.

Kerensky eventually ended up in the United States.

I took 2 Russian revolution courses while attending Manhattan College. My professor was Alexander Kerensky. The same Alexander Kerensky who was the first President of free Russia.

A wild experience! Being lectured by one of the men intimately involved in the revolution.

Enjoy your day!


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