Up early! Still dark outside! Had to put on the coffee!

I have a house guest. My friend Bob arived last night!

It was 73 and cool. Big wind off the ocean. Nevertheless he wanted to sit outside. It was a lot better than Rochester, N.Y. He left a ton of snow and oh! so cold! earlier in the morning.

We had a couple of drinks and caught up.

Then to Pisces for dinner. Bob is a fanatical vegetarian. So fish it was!

Let me tell you just how adamant he is about not letting animal in any form enter his body. He will not do cuban toast at Paradise Cafe since I told him the bread is made with pig fat! How sad! He does not know what he is missing!

We started dinner with a couple of watermelon martinis. He had never had one before. The experience is terrific! Especially the presentation! The bottle is frozen in a chunk of ice.

After dinner we walked over to La Te Da. Bob loves Debra and Patrick. Sadly they were not performing last night. There was another group however.

We drank espresso martinis and chatted with the natives. Finally I had had it and left. He opted to stay.

I heard him crawling up the stairs later in the evening.

We are playing golf this morning. Hope he is up! And hope he is up for it!

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