Happy Father’s Day!

About time! We deserve it!

I am sure the women feel the same on Mother’s Day.

Yesterday started with haircuts at Lori’s. Lisa asked me to take Robert and Ally for their haircuts.

My pleasure!

An interesting experience.

Robert went through the procedure normally. Sat, chatted with Lori, admired himself in the mirror.

Ally was very serious. Lori said she always is.

Not afraid. Just intent. Watched every nip and cut. Did not move at all. She would not even talk with me.

Robert looked like a young man afterwards. A gentleman. Ally…..I could see her face! It had been a while. She is making her hair grow.

I had promised them cuban toast. So it was off to Lucky Day Cafe.

Ally was proud. She had been there before. Robert had not. She was explaining everything to Robert.

Great cuban toast! They ate all theirs. Robert wanted more. He said he was still hungry. I had to say no. I felt bad. It was close to lunch time and Lisa would have been mad at me. He understood he had to return home and have lunch with his mother.

Somehow I got to keep the grandkids for the afternoon. Lisa had some things to do. So it was home to the pool.

Lisa showed up at dinner time. I ordered 2 Domino pizzas and fish sticks. Robert wanted fish sticks. We ate outside under the tiki hut.

The evening ended up being a Camp Poppa sleep over. The grandkids wanted to sleep over. They never have. Lisa agreed. And went home, of course. There I was with the two of them for the night!

It was dark. I got a brilliant idea. Lets swim in the pool in the dark! It went over big!

I put on the pool light and in we went. They were thrilled with the experience.

Afterwards, we laid on my bed and watched the U.S. Open. Both Robert and Ally are into golf. Especially Robert. They take their first lesson for 4 hours this coming tuesday at the golf course.
Both already understand putting green, fairway, flag and hole.

They soon drifted off and I was able to enjoy the end of yesterday’s golf round.

Fortunately, they slept till 7. I was up earlier as usual.

Lisa arrived at 7, also. With my Father Day gifts.

I opened them in bed with the grandkids all over me.

All kinds of crazy things.

One of the gifts is a recorder book. A talking book. Robert and Ally had made the recording. Did the talking.

The book opened with them saying…..Dear Grandpa, You’re nice, you’re cool, you’re tons of fun…..as Grandpas go, you’re number 1!

The message ended with Ally shouting….Poppa…..I love you! and Robert shouting…..Poppa!…..You rock!

I rock. What a joke!

But a good experience. For them. For me.

Love them! Love Lisa!

We are going to continue the Father Day celebration with breakfast at Camille’s at 10.

Then I am done with the grandkids for the day! I told Lisa I have had enough. The rest of the day is adult time.

Don is having a bowling party at 2 and Karen a pool party afterwards. That is how I will be spending the rest of my day.

Enjoy your day!

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