It never rains in Key West! Or so I was told when I first came down here many years ago.

So I left the top down on the convertible. A monsoon hit! I had 4 inches of water in the car!

Actually it rains every day in the summer. This time of the year it rarely rains. Yesterday was one of those rare days. It rained and rained and rained all day! Sometimes like a monsoon! And all the while the temperature held at 79 degrees.

I walk every day. My basic exercise routine. When it rains I still walk. At Home Depot! Been doing it for years. Even on the heavy humidity days. I know every knook and cranny. I guess I must look like I belong after all this time. People are always asking me directions!

Had an interesting dinner last night!

There is a new eating place at the corner of Fleming and Margaret. As with Paradise Cafe, it is a converted gas station. One part restaurant and the other coin laundry.

Restaurant is too dignified a word to use to describe this place. It is a small hole in the wall with all kinds of odd ball different tables sitting where once the pumps stood.

It is called Bubba’s! Only in Key West!

It is known for its southern fried chicken. So I had the southern fried chicken meal. Absolutely outstanding! Can’t be beat!

I highly recommend Bubba’s! A great change of pace! Something different!

And to make it even better, my bill was $9.99! I can survive the recession by eating at Bubba’s more frequently!

And then home early.

It was part of a planned evening. As you are aware, I am a political junkie. I had to watch the primary returns! Especially the Democratic ones!

Hurrah for Obama!

Golf this morning! I have not played in 5 or 6 weeks. I am excited and anxious. Which means I will probably play lousy! Oh, well!

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