Hello! And good morning!

I rose late. It is close to 9. The sun is up. Shining bright. No clouds in the sky. Going to be a beautiful day!

Show time tomorrow. My radio show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. At 10 am.

I have a very special guest for the whole hour. Broadway star Terri White.

What a story she has to tell!

A year ago she was homeless and sleeping on a park bench in New York City. Six months ago she opened and starred in the revival of Finian’s Rainbow on Broadway.

It has been good luck ever since.

Listen to her story.

KONK 1500 AM radio. On the internet for viewing and listening at http://www.konkam.com/.

When I came down to the kitchen yesterday morning on my way to go play golf, Donna was sitting at the kitchen counter. With an ice bag on her head. I laughed. She said not so loud. She had had a big evening. I smiled and walked on.

There was a big reunion group to greet Donna and Terri at the Keys Piano Bar tuesday night. The big head requiring the ice bag was one of the fall outs.

Golf was teriffic yesterday!

I played with Don, Aaron, Mike and I can’t remember who else. Alzheimers. It happens. I remember. Larry Smith! How could I forget!

I played well on the front nine. Very well. Shot a 50. First time in years.

The back nine was another story. I started getting tired and my game went to hell. However…..I still won $5. The front side saved me.

Tom usually plays with us. However his daughter and a friend were in yesterday. So he played in a group ahead of us with Tino. It was nice to watch Tom enjoying his daughter’s company.

I napped after golf. In preparation for a party last night.

I was invited to a dinner party/picnic at a friend’s home. About 25 people. I knew half of them. And got to know the rest before the evening was over. Good food. Interesting people.

Mick Barnes and his wife were there. Mick is one of Key West’s top attorneys. He got the $8 million award last year in the Duck Boat case. Need I say more about his competency.

Amy was there also. She used to own Mangoes. A frequent traveler to Africa.

I had not seen Amy in about a year. We now both share a common situation. We drink no more. Made for some interesting talk. But…..she still smokes. Lucky her! Not really.

Bocce tonight. Donna and Terri are coming to watch.

Enjoy your day!

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