Yesterday’s radio show was the best yet!

How could it miss!

My guest was Broadway star Terri White!

Terri’s story is one for the books. Homeless less than 2 years ago. She could not get work in New York City. Her age and style were working against her. Sixty. Blues singing was not in vogue. She slept on a park bench in Washington Square Park for 3 months.

It was the bottom! The pits! As Terri described it on the show, “It was chin ups from the gutter time.”

How life changes in an instant. Sometimes for the good. She is just coming off her starring role in Finian’s Rainbow. This month she is appearing at Carnigee Hall and Feinstein’s. And then back to Broadway. A three month run in Chicago as Matron Mama Morton.


After the show, I was off to the Coffee House. Terri and Donna had a luncheon.

Made a new friend at the Coffee House. Jane.

Jane is older than me. 79. A rarity. Everyone is younger than me these days!

A lovely tiny white haired lady. A glowing smile. Dressed in long flowing atire. Beads wrapping her neck.

She is a retired school teacher from Buffalo. Jane and her husband have lived in Key West since 1995.

Our conversation was triggered by War and Peace. She was reading it. A wow in itself. Over 1,100 pags. She had never read it before. Surprising. I told her about the 1950s movie. The great music in the movie. She is going to obtain a DVD of it.

We talked of many things. I hope we meet again. I enjoyed her company.

Then home for the afternoon. To a minor tragedy. No water. A pipe broke somewhere in Key Haven.

At 5 the pipe still had not been repaired. The girls and I were going to dinner at 8. I telephoned them and told them to shower elsewhere. Perhaps Donna’s daughter’s place. I was off to Lisa’s to clean up.

Dinner was at La Trattoria. Excellent meal. Excellent company. Donna and Terri kept me entertained.

Beecha looked glorious. As usual! I got two hugs and kisses last night instead of one. Wowie!

Ran into Cheryl and Roger. They return home to Chicago tuesday.

Karthy bartending. She has a new hair do. Lovely!

Then to the Keys Piano Bar.

The place was packed. They were waiting for Terri.

Terri was not working. But they knew she would sing.

When she finished her first series of songs, she received a standing ovation from her family of friends.

Terri’s singing is better. Her voice and appearance are more confident. The off shot of success.

Today is Easter egg coloring. With Robert and Ally at 11:30. I love it!

Enjoy your day!

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