I just got back to my room. I am still in Fort Lauderdale.

I did today’s blog at 5 this morning. Too early I guess! I must have pressed the wrong button when I went to publish! Sorry! I will redo it again.

You will recall I spoke with Vesa the other night. An interesting man! In a difficult situation!

One of the things he told me is that he has a friend in Finland who started in the furniture business at the same time as he did. The difference is that Vesa opted to sell in the United States and his friend in Europe.

His friend did $25 million gross last year. Vesa did just under $2 million.

The difference is that the Europeans have money to spend. The euro is worth $1.50 to our dollar. So everything is cheaper in Europe! People have money and are spending it.

We must turn our economy around. And fast! The situation is getting worse every day!I hope Washington knows what it is doing!

The rats. Yes, my friends are back in the news!

Yesterday was the start of the Chinese New Year. In the Chinese zodiac it is the Year of the Rat!

The Chinese believe rats bring good luck duing this new year. They are promiscuous with the intent of having additional children. Any Chinese child born during the Year of the Rat it is believed will be healhty in life and prosperous also! So they screw more! A good excuse! Why not!

Also there is a big pet market in rats now. The Chinese buy live rats and take them home to keep as pets. The rats are supposed to bring good luck and blessings upon the house!

Time for some reverse trade psychology! Someone here should farm the rats and sell them to the Chinese! Maybe we could get some of our money back!

Until tomorrow morning…..

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