A little cool yesterday. High 60s. Needed a sweatshirt to be comfortable.

Chillier last night. Needed heat while sleeping.

Today the high will be 75. Tomorrow 65.

Crazy weather!

I stopped at Borders around lunch time. I am into Game Change. No seats. There are about 9. All occupied. So I left. Cannot read standing up or sitting on the floor. Though I have noticed some do.

It was off to the Coffee House. My new found friend from France was there. I read the local and New York papers.

I park my car on South Street and walk to the Coffee House on Duval. The path takes me right past a small white building which posts several signs. The main one describes the place as an adult entertainment center.

There are generally a couple of young lovely ladies sitting on the front porch. Some perky. Some sad appearing.

There is also a verticle sign on the front wall of the building. It is labled as a MENU with a colon after the word. Then there is a vertical listing of what I assume are available services: One-on-One, Private Rooms, Fantasies, Fetishes, Role Play and Escorts 24/7.

A house of ill repute? I don’t know. But only in Key west. The business (?) has been there in one form or another for several years. It was previously known as the Scrub Club.

Part of the Key West flavor.

I returned to Borders. Chairs available! Small black comfortable easy chairs!

I spent a couple of hours reading Game Change. A terrific political book! Poor Hillary was getting stabbed in the back early on by many persons she assumed were her staunch loyal supporters.

Last night started at the Chart Room. Chatted with some tourists. Frank came in. Met his wife Pam for the first time. An attractive lady.

I stopped at the Wine Galley to say hello to Larry Smith. He had a good crowd gathering for Monday jazz night. Kathleen Peace was talking with Larry when I went in. Love her! I have not seen Kathleen in a while. A hug and kiss was in order. Kathleen has one of the finest voices in Key West. A joy to hear!

Then to La Trattoria for dinner.

While walking over, I had to pass the art store on the corner of Duval and Southard. A cheery hello greeted me from inside the doorway to the gallery. It was Stephanie, the shoe girl!

Steph moonlights at night at the gallery. By day she works to help the homeless. A terrific person! And last night she was wearing a glorious pair of black heeled shoes!

Steph is a shoe freak. She spends all her free pennies on them. She probably could use a third job to help pay for the contents of her shoe closet.

La Trattoria was fun!

I ate at the bar. Watched the Villanova/West Virginia game on TV. #4 and #5 in the rankings. Chatted with some snowbirds from North Carolina. Felt some warm breath on my neck at one point. It was Beecha with a hug and kiss.

That was my day. A good one.

Enjoy your new day which is just beginning!

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  1. That 'house' on Duval has been there awhile.. Even though I've read the 'menu' I've not been hungry enough to sample anything.. There are a couple more in the neighborhood.. LaTratoria/Virgilios is one[or two] of our favorite places[best linguine and clams I've ever had]so say 'Hi' to Mark if he is still there..Patrick and JoAnn..

  2. Lou-

    This blog is great! We're coming to KW for spring break and me and my friends hope to run into you in one of your spots!


  3. Lou,

    We followed your lead again tonight. Dinner at Hot Tin Roof. John treated us very well, put us in an intimate booth and Sheila was very attentive before dinner, as we sat on the deck watching the sunset.

    Next up Square One. We stopped by yesterday morning and Michael was there, he wasn't open yet but saw us out front and had us step inside and have a look. Very service oriented.

    Tom and Cindy

  4. Hey Lou its Mike Yutzy here..Hope you are doing well! i lost your #…give me a call sometime at 480.334.8849….going to Vancouver tomorrow!

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