No blog yesterday! Sorry!

My computer froze up. Took all day to get it working again. Ah, the problems of life!

So today’s blog will be a bit longer. Have to make up for the missed day.

Today is thursday. Radio show day! The Key West Lou Legal Hour. 1 pm. KONK 1680 AM. Better on the internet. You can watch as well as hear.

Some of the topics to be covered today include the Toyota recall, rape, the status of the Proposition 8 California trial, Michael Jackson’s personal physician Conrad Murray, Sarah Pailn, Cuba/China and some weird Calfornia laws. I ran out of Florida ones!

You can call in and harass me, ask a question or just say hello. Happy to hear from you. 305-294-2769.

Donna telephoned the other day. With two big pieces of news.

Donna and Terri are finally legitimately married! They tied the knot this past weekend in Milford, Connecticut. Connecticut recognizes gay marriage.

Congratulations to two of the greatest people I know!

Couples have to eat. Donna makes jewelry. Terri sings professionally for a living.

Terri is recently out of work. The Broadway show in which she was starring closed down. Terri is lucky however. She did not even have time to collect unemployment checks. She is going into the revival of Chicago. Terri will be playing Matron Mama Motron. Queen Latifah played the part in the movie.

Golf yesterday. I should have stayed home! Played poorly! Very!

Rob and I played a league match against Don and David. Even though David had to give me 10 strokes, he still whipped my ass royally. Don and Rob split their match.

It was cold on the golf course. Temperature was in the low 60s. The sun was out. But so was the wind! The wind was a killer! About 35 miles an hour. Rather than a tan, I ended up with a wind burn on my face.

Syracuse basketball last night. Syracuse squeeked out a close win over Connecticut.

I watched the game at the Sports Page Bar on Green Street. I will be there every time Syracuse plays from now on. They carry the Big East basketball games on TV.

I enjoyed the game with some other Syracuse fans.

The night before I met Steve at Outback. He is a 1977 Syracuse grad. We made plans to hook up at the Sports Page for the game. He showed with a lady friend. He had made up two Syracuse shirts. He took orange tee shirts and painted Syracuse in black letters on them. Looked good! A fan! The only problem was the paint smelled.

Sittng near me at the bar was a couple from Skenneatles, New York. Just outside Syracuse. Fans also.

Dan and Lisa Reardon. They own and operate the Blue Water Grill in Skenneatles. For 15 years. They are here for a month vacationing and resting up.

Dan and Lisa are very much die hard Syracuse supporters.

Then there was Tom and Cindy. Good folk from Iowa. Here in Key West for a couple of weeks.

Tom and Cindy are loyal Key West Lou blog readers. They are doing all the restaurants and places that I haunt. They have been writing daily to me while here. We just did not hook up till last night. The Sports Page Bar. They knew I would be there.

Tom spent a life time in industry. Yes, Iowa is more than farms. Cindy worked for a large foreign insurance company that had personnel in Iowa.

Me thinks I am going to learn much about Iowa.

Tom and Cindy are genuine people. I look forward to getting to know them better during the balance of their trip.

Tom apologized for going to Antonia’s. No problem I told him. It still is one of Key West’s finest restaurants, even though I no longer patronize the place.

Cindy and I have something in common. Our birthdays. Both born on July 6th.

Bocce tonight! The start of a new season.

I got traded. From Bat Construction to the Donkeys. So did Don, Jules and Mike. Just like professional sports.

This trading is a strange feeling. Don will no longer be captain. Norm is. Norm works at Home Depot by day as a greeter.

Joanie plays for the Donkeys. I like Joanie. We have a mutual admiration society. So it will ease the pain.

Up and at ’em, folks! The morning is upon us!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Lou, its spelled Skaneateles.. The owner of Antonia's is from the Tug Hill Plateau so he's a good ole upstate boy..
    Still counting down the days.. Patrick and JoAnn

  2. Don't try to tell Lou how to spell anything. Fact is, I won't understand if he gets his spelling and grammar entirely correct.

  3. Mayday! Mayday!

    Mr. P. – Any chance you'd come out of retirement?

    I feel like the a member of the string quartet watching everyone else jump off!

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