Lovely morning! Bright sun, soft breeze, slow moving water.

Breakfast yesterday with the grandkids at Camille’s. Always fun!

Robert is now a big boy. Four!

There is a dish of candy for children at Camille’s. It is for the kids. My grandkids always go for their piece as we leave. Not Robert yesterday! He was adamant he was too old!

Hot yesterday! Lisa and the kids were over for pool time later in the afternoon. No swimming for Robert. He was wearing the new Ironman costume he received for his birthday. He refused to remove it!

Apparently this fourth birthday has had some impact on Robert!

Last night was a fun time!

We were sitting on the deck when one of the neighbors called out across the water to come over for dinner. He and his friends had just returned from a successful fishing trip.

We enjoyed grunk, snapper and I don’t know what. A great meal! And equally great company!

A nice day! A typical Key West day!

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