I screwed up.

I hurried over to the Chart Room at 4:30. It was Sean Kinney’s birthday. His wife to be Katherine had planned a party for him. I had been  invited.

As I walked into the Chart Room, I saw Sean and three other people. Did not make sense. Sean is a very popular Key West figure. I shook Sean’s hand and wished him a happy birthday. I asked…..Where are all the people. What people, he asked in return. For your birthday party, I said. That was last week, he responded.

Oh, well!

I stayed anyhow. Chatted with Sean and JJ. The bar got crowded. The most people I have ever seen at the Chart Room. All there for the Kentucky derby. I stayed around and watched. Even got into a pool.

I forget who won. But it was a terrific race.  A long shot horse and a first time jockey came on strong at the end to beat the favorite. An American success story!

Sean told me Ryno is back in Key West. He left for the north country several months ago. Ended up in Syracuse. Disc jockeyed a radio show for three months. Now has returned to us. Ryno is very much loved. Sean said he was disc jockeying four hours a day at one of the Key West radio stations.

Welcome back, Ryno!

This is Songwriters Festival time in Key West. Musicians from all over come to participate.

Duval to Caroline was closed off for the festival. Streets and bars had bands/groups playing. I went from the Chart room to the festival.

Enjoyed a Mexican band on the street. Stopped into Smokin’ Tuna. First time. It has been open about a year. On a small one block side street. Kurt had told me he would be hanging out there.

Smokin’ Tuna was jam packed. Bodies pressed together. Good luck finding Kurt. I wiggled my way in. Listened to the music a while. Don’t know who was playing. It was country music and sounded good to me.

Rumor has it Kenny Rogers was in town Wednesday night for the start of Songwriters Festival. I was told he showed up at the Pier House’s Wine Galley and visited with Larry Smith.

I was hungry. It was past dinner time. I headed over to Hot Tin Roof.

Another filled up place! I found a seat at the bar, however.

Angie was bartending. I like her. Pleasant. Soft spoken.

I enjoyed scallops piccata. Four huge scallops over a bed of wide pasta and cooked to absolute softness greens. The food at Hot Tin Roof is spectacular!

Joseph was there. He manages the Hot Tin Roof. John Lukas was the previous manager. John developed the restaurant over a 3-4 year period. When he left, Joseph who had been a waiter was given the responsibility of managing. Joseph has taken the Hot Tin Roof to another level.

I was home in bed around 10. Not a bad evening.

Enjoy your Sunday!


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