Chickens abound in Key West.

I was walking down Applerouth Lane the other day. Applerouth is is a narrow one way side street.

All of a sudden and with a huge clatter, a bunch of chickens came running down the street. Four roosters and two hens. The hens were a couple of feet in front of the roosters and seemed to be running for their lives.

It was sex time. The roosters were horny and were chasing the hens. The hens wanted nothing to do with them. Typical females.

I suspect the hens lost the race. The roosters were bigger and faster. Just like men.

Chickens have a gestation period of 20-22 days. In about three weeks, there will be a number of chickies running around Applerouth Lane.

Did the gym yesterday. With Courtney Aman.The best of the best when it comes to trainers.

Afterwards, I was off to Sears. I have been looking for sneaks. Need a new pair. I am a wide. Could find wide no where. Some one suggested Sears. Sears did have wide.

Diane works the shoe department at Sears. Never mer her before. Quite attractive. We chatted a bit. She has only lived in Key West six months. Came here from northern California. Originally from Long Island.

A good personality. She was born with Key West blood. She will fit right in.

Dinner with Stephanie Kaple last night! I was her guest.

We ate at Outback. I had a real good time. I assume Stephanie did also.

She is young and full of energy. She wants to change the world for the better. Her present employment is with the homeless. Says it all. In fact, she has a Masters degree in such social work.

I suspect we will be dining together again in the future.

I would be remiss if I did not mention that Stephanie is also known as the Island Shoe Girl. She is always in heels. Generally six inch ones. Last night’s were such. Woody would best describe them. Lovely.

I wondered last night as I watched her walk away after dinner how she could maneuver on such high heels. Whatever, she did. Gracefully. With no problem.

Got home early to watch the game of games. Kentucky/Kansas. Hopped in bed just as the game started.

I fell asleep almost immediately. The game was 11-7 at the time. When I woke, it was half time. Oh shit was my muted comment.

I made myself comfortable to watch the second half. Never saw it. I feel asleep again. I found out this morning Kentucky won 67-59. I have no comments or observations concerning the game. I never saw it!

I have my annual physical at 10 this morning. Last week involved the preliminaries. This morning the pushing and prodding.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Hello. I love your blog. It is a nice, solid distraction for us unfortunates who do not live in paradise. I stayed in Key West for a week and the memory still warms me yet. I like your writing style, too. I am a chef by trade and a writer by ambition. If it is at all possible, I was wondering if you could read a story I have written that is set in Key west and maybe give me some feedback. I will not be disappointed at all if you decline. I know you have a lot going on.I will understand. Please just think about it. If you decide to give me your invaluable help, I would greatly appreciate it. I can tell from the vivd picture that you paint of life there that you are probably the best source for this type of local flair and flavor I am trying to capture. It is a fun story, but I want to make sure it's accurate. Should you decide yes, maybe you could post a reply on my blog. it is Either way, I thank you for your time. Keep up the great work, Sir!
    Sincerely, Patrick Nelson

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