A quiet Sunday.

Watched the talk shows from the comfort of my bed in the morning. Layed around the pool in the afternoon. Dinner with Lisa and the family in the evening.

The dinner was special. It was Cameron’s birthday. Seventeen years old. One year away from college.

We did Happy Birthday! Enjoyed a chocolate marble cake with thick chocolate frosting. Lisa was the maker of the cake.

Robert and Ally were all excited. They each had made Cameron a present. They each presented their gift to Cameron with pride. Robert and Ally also enjoyed singing Happy Birthday and helping to blow out the candles.

Taylor and Hannah are visiting the Malcom household this week. Taylor is Corey’s cousin. Hannah her girl friend. Both are 17. From Indiana. Nice people. Corey took them to Fort Zachery Taylor beach yesterday. One of them had never seen the ocean.

Then home to bed for me. Mad Men back on TV. Watched it at 10. Love the show! It is set in New York City in the mid 1960s. Involves the advertising world. The people, clothes, hair styles (male and female), speech, attitudes, etc. remind me of back then. The time frame is similar to my first ten years practicing law.

Donna had left a note on my computer last night before going to bed. The girls had been out to the Gardens. Terri sang. They ran into Dick Naselli from Syracuse. They chatted. My name came up. He knew me. Told Donna and Terri how I had saved him millions in a lawsuit back when. They told me he said I “…saved his ass” and spelled out the dollar amount involved to them.

I ran into Dick a few years ago in Key West. He reminded me of the case also and the bucks involved. He was very grateful. I hope I run into him during his present trip to Key West.

Key West’s local newspaper the Citizen had a couple of interesting features yesterday.

The second page left hand column of the Citizen has a reader comment column. Short pointed blurbs called in. The first yesterday regarded the Key West Commission having voted to have the Gay Pride Parade joined with the Veterans’ Day Parade to save money. I thought how stupid. As accepting as Key Westers are, this is carrying it a little too far. Lisa agreed with me.

Then I saw the date on the newspaper. April 1. April Fools’ Day. The Citizen got me!

There was an article in the legitimate news portion concerning paddle boarding. Paddle boarding is a relatively new water sport. Involves a surf board type raft and a light row boat type paddle. Generally the participant stands on the board and paddles about.

There are many paddle boards in Key West. The sport has gone crazy in the past two years. I see at least a dozen a day on the water in front of my home.

The reason for the news article was that there are new safety rules/laws affecting the use of paddle boards. A life jacket and whistle must be attached to the paddle board. Understandable.

Saturday night while watching the Final Four at Don’s Place, I spoke to one of the customers. A person I knew. He was limping. What happened? Fell. Ankle. Broke or sprained? I don’t know. Did you take an x ray? No. The last time I went to the hospital it cost me $22,000. I had no insurance and am still dealing with it.

His final comment on the problem I found profound. He calmly looked at me and said, “…I don’t know why people are against Obamacare.”

Tonight big! Dinner with Island Shoe Girl Stephanie Kaple. I am her guest. Nice.

Then home to bed to watch the college basketball game of the year! Kentucky/Kansas. Alone, of course. Always alone.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Fort Zach set a record for attendance yesterday..It was mobbed..
    I won't touch the absurd Obama care thing..

  2. So what makes Obamacare attractive to your pal now? Does he feel he should have been forced to buy insurance? Or now that he's hurt his ankle, he'll buy it from a company that cannot refuse coverage? It would probably be pretty pricey.

  3. People need to understand the argument. Obamacare is about health INSURANCE. Not health CARE.

    I don't know why this is so difficult for people to understand. The people with no money and no INSURANCE get health CARE with the current system. All they have to do is go to the hospital and they cannot be refused treatment.

  4. Can't agree with anonymous more, The Health care Act was actually a Heritage Foundation idea (check the facts) to deal with the fact the uninsured DO get free treatment at an ER under federal law. Making everyone at least have a catastrophic level of care for themselves means self-responsibility and not dumping costs on everyone else's premiums.

    The problem is Obamacare mandates health insurance and not just catastrophic care which would have solved the problem. It is really a taxation argument as right now we are all taxed for the uninsured.

    Unless you want to live in a nation that would let injured and uninsured people and children die on the curb at an ER than we have to do something to control costs. I guess we live in such a country judging by all the Bible thumping I see and let's face it, WWJD my friend…really? He would let them into the ER.

  5. For everyone that is in favor of Obamacare, just do as Nancy Pelosi recommends.. Now that it has become law , we can read it.. Its certainly a boring and infuriating read.. You probably will no longer be in favor of it once you start to read it.. Patrick

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