Pink sky this morning.

Unusual. Never saw one before. Perhaps never noticed.

Why pink? I researched the issue.

The answer interesting. There had to be an increase in patches of pollution, dust or water in the atmosphere. Such creates red particles in the atmosphere. As the particles move through the atmosphere, the blue sky combines and creates the pink color.

Do I now qualify as a meteorologist?

Yesterday was a nice day. Today will be a nice day. Every day is a nice day. This is Key West!

I drove around yesterday with the top down. Wore a hat this time, however.

My first stop of the day was Dr. Lefferts. I was scheduled for the completion of my annual physical. The first time the good doctor has ever told me I was in good shape. It scares me!

I ran into Norma. Have not seen Norma in ages. Nor her husband. She and husband Chuck live in Truman Annex. They have had a home in Key West longer than me. They are originally from some where in the midwest. Owned a chain of Dairy Queens.

Key West has a Dairy Queen. On United, just below White. A very popular ice cream stand. Always a line. The ice cream is absolutely delicious! We often take Robert and Ally there. I occasionally will stop alone for a small cone of soft chocolate. When the top is down on the car, I have to lick fast. Or my clothes will be covered in melted chocolate!

Walked the waterfront. I mix my walking venues. Gives me a change of view. The boats and waterfront bistros make for interesting viewing. Any time after seven, the bars are already doing a bustling business. I sometimes think if the bars were permitted to open even earlier, there would be a crowd.

Spent most of the afternoon till about eight in the evening writing. Under the shade of the tiki hut. With the time change, I can work later outside. I prefer working outide. I enjoy the boats going by, the breeze and the salty taste of the water.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. There was a comment in this mornings local paper regarding time change.. It was a good idea , changing to Conch Republic Time[CRT],, Daylight Saving Time year round.. It would at least help those that are time change challenged.. Patrick

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