Good morning world! I am out of bed bright and early. Need to get ready for my Internet show later this morning.

The Key West Lou Legal hour is at 10 my time. World wide.

Join me.

In addition to the topics mentioned yesterday, I shall also be covering the following which developed since late yesterday. New Jersey legislature giving same sex marriage approval, contraception issue leads to a Congressional hearing with no female witnesses called, and Iranian bombers cavorting with prostitutes and drinking alcohol 2 days before recent killings.

An interesting show!

Started yesterday with an early morning visit to my primary care doctor. Jackie Lefferts. The purpose was to get the results of a para thyroid blood test. Negative. Para thyroids are not what is making me tired. That leaves the ordinary thyroid condition I was diagnosed with a month ago. Low. Taking pills to bring the thyroid up to normal. Another month and I should be ok.

Then to an optometrist whose place of business is just off Flagler. I am ashamed to admit I cannot remember the name. In any event, they were able to fix my eye glass frame. Was I relieved! The frames had cost me $1,100. I purchased them when I was working and receiving a pay check. Today it would be a Sears’ special.

Then visited with Lisa a bit.

Grocery shopped. I do not buy enough food at any one time. I must enjoy the experience. I think I buy little so I can return frequently.

Some where along the way, I stopped at Blossom’s for Cuban toast and coffee.

Spent the rest of the day into the early evening fine tuning today’s Internet show.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. When searching/researching blogs about Key West, I came upon your blog & have enjoyed reading it. My question to you is, would you be interested in "counseling" somebody who is considering a trip to Key West so that I get the best information that will enable me to have the MOST wonderful time while there? We cruised about 3 years ago, and Key West was our first port. We LOVED the atmosphere of Key West!! We also went to the Bahamas….I would take 10 of Key West for one of Nassau! Key West has also been a facsination of mine because around 1950-1954 my grandfather who was in the Navy was stationed in Key West. My grandmother had SO many pictures & stories of Key West! We are coming to Key West late May. I have spent countless hours looking for places to stay & things to do. We are in our late 40's, grown children with grands, settled, not the "partying" kind. I understand that Key West isn't known for beaches, but we would like to spend a tiny bit of time on the sand. Thinking about trying Kayaking while there. Narrowed the hotel choice to The Southernmost Guest house, need opinions on that one. We will be flying from Birmingham, AL so our tickets will be close to $900, so we have to be frugal on accomodations so we will have money to have FUN on! I appreciate any help you might offer, and if you know somebody else who might like to talk & give me information, I would be grateful. I know it's an odd request but to me, if you want to know what a place is like, I think you should ask the locals…people who REALLY know the scoop! Wish I was there, it's cold in Alabama. Phyllis Patton. PS, if your interested in talking, we can do so by email so your blog won't get cluttered 🙂

  2. For what its worth, Fort Zachary Taylor has the nicest beach.. Angelina's Guest house is nice and within walking distance of everything,but, there are a number of nice guest houses in the area.. There are many good places to eat and hang-out within a short walk..Patrick

  3. You should search for a place to stay. They have homes for rent that will cost you less than staying in a hotel/guesthouse and then you have a home all to your selves for a relaxing stay. It is as close to "living" like a local that you can get.

  4. I agree with Len, definitely check out for a place to stay. That is the only way to go—we found some great places to stay using this site. My guess is that you will want to stay in Old Town or the Truman Annex. If you rent bikes there is really no reason to rent a car. It is great that you are doing some "research" before you come to Key West.

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