Good morning! Just got up. Nine o’clock. Out a bit late last night.

The weather is absolutely fantastic! Yesterday hit 82. Today will probably do the same. No humidity.

Key West is bursting with tourists! Going to be a good season. Merchants tell me business is the best since 2005.

Yesterday began with my Internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Good as usual! Not because of me. Because of the material. We live in an interesting ever changing world.

I spent a lot of time on the contraception/birth control issue. Apparently it had an impact. I received a humongous amount of comment about the issue after the show. Strictly for informational purposes, all comments supported contraception and thought something was amiss with those raising the issue. All agreed it was a 1950s issue. One person aptly stated the solution…..Leave sleeping dogs lie.

The gym in the afternoon with Courtney. A quick stop afterwards for water at Don’s Place. Chatted briefly with Rob.

It was the Chart Room first last night. Emily bartending. Sean and Katherine there. All good people. Always good conversation.

I was waiting for Jenna. She arrived and we had a drink. While we were talking, a group came in. Several people. All happy. Obviously having a good time.

One of them came over to me and said……you’re Key West Lou! It was Carol from Concord, New Hampshire. A loyal reader of this blog. Recognized me from the photo. Carol is a retired State worker. We talked a bit. What a happy go lucky person!

She was thrilled to meet Jenna, also. Jenna is known to her from the blog.

The group she was with were from Memphis. I really did not chat with them. Everything was too busy. I recall one of them was Jo-Jo. Hello, Jo-Jo.

I kissed Carol before I left. I told her to let me know when she is coming to Key West again and we will get together.

Jenna and I walked over to Hot Tin Roof. The place was pack packed. Even the bar. Fortunately, we got a table in the bar area. Jenna and I had a pleasant light meal while talking about television, the Internet, Facebook, the social media in general, and related items.

Jenna is splitting her working time between KONK and the new TV station. TV wise, she is doing two shows. A daily early morning talk show. She is also doing the news and weather on certain days. Channels 87 and 19. Its coverage extends from Key West north. Includes Miami.

We split after dinner. We each had our own cars. Jenna went home and I went to Don’s Place.

Don and David were at Don’s. I chatted with them quite a while. The issue was bocce. We start again in two weeks.

It continues to amaze me how important bocce is to those who play. Including me.

I looked like a wannabe movie star. Wore sunglasses all day and night. Trying to cover my black eye and cuts.

A reader yesterday commented that he and his wife would be coming to Key West soon and would I be able to provide them with some information, etc. Happy to do so! Please write me on Facebook. A personal message. My Facebook name is Key West Lou. If you are not on Facebook, let me know here.

Enjoy your day!

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