I spent the day yesterday working on tomorrow’s Internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour.

Another week of interesting world wide developments provided an abundance of items to be discussed. Those selected for discussion tomorrow include the Catholic Church contraception issue, Pfizer’s
recall of 1 million packets of birth control pills, Lee Westwood’s Mom making him apologize for using a bad word on the golf course, a college vending machine offering the day after pill together with condoms and pregnancy kits to students.

Also, DeGeneres and J.C.Penney, Proposition 8 shot down again, a 15 pound Chinese baby born, a whole California school staff transferred because of sex issues, and an interesting bit about Leonardo Da Vinci.

And more.

Join me at 10 in the morning my time tomorrow. Friday. Available for viewing on the Internet world wide. http://www.konkbroadcasting.com/.

Syracuse basketball last night. Watched the game at John Lukas’s new Big Ten Sports Bar. Watched  with Dan and Marty. Don showed up. Nate bartending.

Syracuse beat Georgetown in overtime 64-61. A close one. All the way. Syracuse could have lost.

Syracuse exhibited its unique ability to win the close ones once again. They have not lost yet when the game has been neck and neck going into the last few minutes.

Syracuse’s weakness is consistent. The team is not rebounding. They were out rebounded last night 52-35. Reminds me of days of old when Syracuse could not make a foul shot. Now they make foul shots, but cannot rebound.

Anna was a trooper again last night. Sat through the game with me. Her third basketball game ever.

I watched Kentucky play a couple of nights ago. They are good. Appeared better than Syracuse. Time and chance will tell.

I have to hustle. Another early morning doctor visit. Gets frustrating after a while.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. < a college vending machine offering the day after pill together with condoms and pregnancy kits to students >

    I just saw this on the local (PA) news the other night …

    It sounds like the same college you are going to discuss tomorrow . It is located about 20 miles from me in the heart of Amish/Mennonite farm country .

    Kind of ironic …

    A small town (Shippensburg) making big news !!!

    Have a great day in paradise Key West Lou !

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