I arrived at the doctor’s office for my 10 o’clock appointment yesterday morning. No appointment. It is next week.

I was up and out. No sense in wasting the morning. Headed over to Blossom’s for Cuban toast and coffee. Then home to finalize today’s Internet show. The Key West Lou Legal hour is at 10 AM this morning, Join me for what will be an interesting and exciting show. www.konkbroadcasting.com.

The Chart Room first last night. Emily bartending. Chatted a while. Then to the Hot Tin Roof for a light dinner.

My house guest Anna leaves this morning. Returns to her home in Milan, Italy. It was a pleasant experience having her here. She flies Key West to Miami to Zurich to Milan. A long trip. Twenty four hours. Generally not that long, but she wanted to spend today in Miami shopping.

We live and learn. Anna told me yesterday she could not run the dryer. I thought it strange. I suspected some thing was amiss. There were always clean clothes hanging all over the place drying while Anna was here. Turns out Italy does not have dryers. Not enough electrical power. Nor do they have air conditioning in their apartments. The same reason.

Mussolini made the water good and the trains run on time. Either he or one of his successors should have worked on the power problem.

Again, please enjoy my Internet show at 10 this morning.

Enjoy your day!

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