Lunch the high point.

My neighbors Andrew, Jazz and baby Kai were to join us for lunch. Anna cooking her good Milanese food. Jazz, a Zurich transplant, anxious to enjoy it. Milan and Zurich are not far apart. They enjoy the same style cuisine.

Twenty month Kai never showed. His parents left him home with a baby sitter. I was disappointed. Kai was present at two previous lunches. We had become friends. I laid out some of Robert and Ally’s old toys on the oriental carpet in the living room for him. A good host am I, even to a twenty month old!

Lunch was outstanding! Absolutely!

Anna prepared many dishes. She had three separate servings. She wanted the meal to be enjoyed Milanese style. It is impossible for me to describe the dishes. There were many. It would take reams to do them justice. Let me describe the lunch thusly…..It could not have been better!

Jazz brought the dessert. Apple strudel Swiss style. With a delicious white sauce.

A little wine.

It was a party!

The conversation was terrific. How could it not be. Anna with her world travel stories. Jazz with her European tales. Even Andrew is a bit of a world traveler and made his contribution. Mine was minimal. I have only traveled to Europe on two occasions. A month in Italy and a week in London.

Later in the afternoon when we were alone, Anna decided to swim in my pool. I stepped outside to see her. She was suddenly very apologetic. For not wearing a bathing cap. Odd! Turns out that in Italy it is against the law for any one, male or female, to swim in a pool without a bathing cap. For health reasons. Anna says one can be arrested for so doing.

I told Anna not to worry. I would not report her to the Key West police.

I was full from lunch. No dinner last night. A quick stop at the Chart Room for a drink and then back home.

Tonight Syracuse basketball. Georgetown v. Syracuse at 7. The sports writers say it will be a test for Syracuse. Syracuse is # 2 nationally. Georgetown # 12. Syracuse has lost 1 game thus far this season. Georgetown 4.

I plan on watching the game at John Lukas’ Big Ten Sports Bar. Dan and Lisa from Skaneatles will be joining me. Also, Marty from the Syracuse area. We will be whopping it up for Syracuse!

Enjoy your day!

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