Yesterday Sunday. So a relatively quiet day as usual.

I spent the morning in bed watching the news shows. Then off to watch my grandson Andrew play T ball. No T ball. Called off for some reason. But Andrew and his Dad were there doing batting practice. For a 5 year old, Andrew was making good contact with the ball. His father is a die hard tennis player. Quite good. He has had Andrew playing tennis for a couple of years. It showed. The eye to ball to bat contact was fantastic!

Then to my father’s to watch the Masters with him.

The past few days have proven tiring for him. Too much partying celebrating his 94th birthday! So he slept on the couch while I watched the Masters!

I leave in 2 hours to return to Key West. Hooray!

Assuming my planes are on time, tonight I shall be in the lobby cabaret of the Tenessee Williams Theater listening to Kathleen Peace singing!

She is the best! I am excited!

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