The weather is static. Rain. More rain. And more rain on top of that rain!

Strange weather. No hurricane or tropical storm involved. Three consecutive days of rain is highly unusual.

The weather report is for heavy rain today and tomorrow. We may get a break Tuesday.

The wind is stronger this morning than yesterday. The white caps behind my home are higher this morning.

I finally figured out where the wind is coming from. The southeast. Whenever the wind comes from the south, guaranteed the wind will be strong and the rain heavy.

The rain dampens no one’s mood. My Lisa said it well in her Facebook comment this morning: “The sun is still shining in my world.”

I had two objectives last night. To observe Occupy Key West at Mallory Square and then watch the Alabama/Mississippi game at the Sports Page Bar.

I accomplished one of the two. Batting .500 not bad under the circumstances.

The weather was horrible. Ergo, I opted to skip Occupy Key West. Not an excuse. A fact. It was not in me to stand on the edge of the Gulf and get blown around by the wind and water.

I note from news accounts and Facebook this morning, that Occupy was a success. The participants walked Duval, did their thing at Mallory Square and protested in front of Bank of America. I was especially delighted to see the pictures of the Occupy group in front of the Bank of America building. I consider Bank of America the whore of whores! Take a look at their mortgage foreclosure portfolio and you will understand.

Two pictures on Facebook were especially moving. One was a poster picture of the Statue of Liberty crying. The other a former soldier dressed in uniform carrying a sign saying…..2nd Time I’ve Fought For My Country.

I had a terrific time at the Sports Page Bar. Great game! This is the third time I have watched Alabama this year. I continue to believe they are the best college football team I have ever seen. The LSU game in a few weeks is going to be exciting.

The Sports Page was packed. I was partying with Alabama alumni Jean and David, Shoe Girl Stephanie, and Mississippi alumnus Sean. We were later joined by Issac and Sarah.

Owner Patrick running around working. A warm amiable guy. Came over to shake hands. Kristen there, also. My waitress friend. We shook hands. I would rather have kissed her. She is a lovely person inside and out.

It was the game, pizza and drinks.

Afterwards, we swam (not really) over to the Chart Room. It was like 11 o’clock. Packed! Sat and chatted with my football group.

Got to talk a bit with Issac and Sarah. They are both from Minnesota. Married. In Key West till the end of December. Sarah is doing some kind of homeless study. Issac is a Minnesota state trooper. He took time off from work to be with his wife. An engaging couple. Enjoyable people.

Stephanie was her usual self. A vocal outspoken today woman. I believe she and I have a generational gap problem. I know her parents read this blog every day. Worry not! Ain’t no one going to take advantage of your daughter!

Sean advised that Katherine’s trip this weekend to Little Rock was a success. Katherine found and bought her wedding dress. Sean said he is going to wear Key West attire. Shorts and a collared polo shirt.

The word was out last night. First time I heard it. John Lucas is opening a sports bar at the old PTs. November 13th. Twenty seven TV sets.

John is the general manager at Hot Tin Roof. I mention him often. A gentleman. Knows how to run a restuarant. And……a Wisconsin grad. When I chatted with him at the Chart Room last night, he was quick to advise they are still ranked 4th nationally.

John owned three sports bars back in Minnesota from whence he came. He knows the business and, without question, will do well.

I had a good time last night. Glad I went out!

Enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. So glad to hear that the old PT's is re-opening. We used to go there at least once every time we visited Key West. Hopefully Sports Page won't be hurt too bad by the competition.

    If we make it down there for Christmas this year we will surely stop in and check it out.

    Go Wisconsin!

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