How do I begin?

Rain, rain go away. Little Louis wants to play!


Actually this rain is turning out to be more serious than just a heavy rainstorm.

Seven inches of rain alone yesterday. Actually 6.9. A lot! Enough to close the Key West Airport for three hours. The taxiways were flooded. The word is the Airport will be closed some parts of today. Most flights have already been cancelled.

There are always irresponsible people. In between the showers, some are at the beaches in the water. Signs have been erected warning of rip tides. Rip tides are not common in Key West waters.

More than 10 inches of water has dropped on the area since the storm started over the weekend.

The rain is from a front that cane up from the southeast out of the Atlantic. The front is stalled over the keys. The projection is the storm will be with us through wednesday. Then it will head north to the mid-Atlantic states and then the northeast.

This morning seems better already. The flooded street in front of my home is bare of water. Lisa tells me so too is her street. The sky is a mixture of white and light gray clouds. Not the dark gray ones of the past few days. There is very little wind, though the water is still moving at a good clip.

My sense is the worst is over. It may rain today, but not badly. The front has decided to move on.

I even had a beautifully dramatic sunsrise to view this morning. From my bed. I face to the east when sleeping and had opened the glass sliding doors during the evening. The sun rose between two banks of clouds. The one in front gray. The one in back white. The sun in between. A bright orange sun.

I stayed in yesterday. All day. Not bad. TV was working. I did tons of research. It was a good day.

Tonight, I am going out. La Trattoria opened a new restaurant on the beach. I have not been there yet. I continue to go to the old one. Tim and Debbie Reynolds and I are having dinner. We decided to try the new one.

Enjoy your day!

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