I don’t believe the rain we are getting!

It is still pouring! This is day 4.

I am not complaining. It is a pleasant experience. Different. Torrential rain for four consecutive days. And to continue for a few more.

There is a tropical front that came up from the southeast. Not considered a hurricane or anything like that. Just a lot of rain. Key West is presently sitting right in the middle of the front. So it is certain this rain will continue for 2-4 more days.

The front carries wind with it. About 20 miles per hour. Gusts us to 35.

The streets are flooded. Remember Key West sits at sea level. There is no place for the water to go. The street in front of my house looks impassable this morning for about 300 feet. I was concerned last night as I drove in that my car would flood. I do not worry about my home flooding since it is built up on a man made hill which rises eight feet above the road.

Lisa telephoned. She lives in the middle of Key West. She told me her street is running high. Her lawn totally covered. Water at stoop height. Her street floods easily. Ran 6 1/2 feet high during Wilma.

She is concerned about her car. Fearful the water will reach the interior. She also does not know how she is going to get Robrt and Ally to school. She is not even thinking that the water might creep into her house. Nor did I mention the possibility to her.

Lisa just telephoned. She has posted a picture of her home as it sits in the water this morning on Facebook. Take a look! Says it all! Lisa Malcom on FB.

So much for the rain. I think it is fun. Provides a break from our usually great sunny weather. I will probably stay home all day and read and write. I will be happy.

The Key West Citizen had an interesting editorial yesterday in the Sunday paper.

Little Deer Key is about 30 miles up the road. Little deer live there. That is why the island is so named.

The tiny deer also roam nearby Big Pine Key and No Name Key.

Tiny is tiny. About 27 inches shoulder high. Not fearful of humans. The deer gather in groups of 10-30. Cover the roads, especially just before dusk.

The editorial concerned the safety of the deer. This is their mating season. They are a bit excited. Especially the males. Extra care is warranted when driving.

The season is known as a rut or rutting one. Reproduction time. The male deer is a buck. The female a doe. The buck is raring to go. The females know it. They give off a special scent to attract the male.

There are fewer bucks than doe.

The rutting season lasts only 24 hours. The male has much to do in that time. He performs with multiple doe. Lucky him!

No problem if a doe is not rutted. This special mating seson returns in about four weeks.

It is going to be a lonely day confined to my home because of the weather. A human doe would be very welcome.

Enjoy your day!

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