I had one of the most pleasurable days of my life yesterday!

It started with the drive back from Miami to Key West!

The weather was perfect. Sun bright. Temperature high 80s. And of course the top down on the convertible!

It is only 155 miles. However it takes 4 hours. All the time!

The road is 2 lanes, one each way. Basically, no passing! If you attempt to pass, you take your life in your hands!

Speed limits vary from a low of 30 to a high of 55. Generally around 45. And policia all over the place!

So my habit is to put on the cruise control at each speed and just enjoy the trip!

Yesterday for some reason was more enjoyable than normal. An added bonus type trip!

One strange thing occurred. The ocean water is generally green. Yesterday for a 20 mile stretch from Islamorada to Marathon it was blue. Virgin Mary blue.

Why? I have never seen blue water in the keys before. The only thing I noticed was the tide was out. Appreciably. There were sand bars all over the place where previously there were none.

If anyone can tell me why the water was blue, please write and do so.

Last night was the 10th anniversary of the Key West Symphony! A very big deal!

For the anniversary performance, maestro conductor Sebrina Alfonso out did herself!

The evening srated with a pianist and Beethoven and Strauss. Not bad!

However what only can be described as magnifique were the performances after intermission.

Sebrina arranged for guest vocalists to sing excerpts from Madam Butterfly! A soprano, a tenor and a mezzo soprano. Bravo performances!

When Butterfly took the dagger to her throat, the tears were running down my cheeks!

It was a best of the best type performance!

So far my day had been great! A relaxing beautiful drive! And Puccini’s Butterfly which touched me!

However the night was not yet over!

When I got home from the drive back from Miami, one of my messages was from Rit Lennon. Rit is an old friend from Utica. I have not seen him in several years. He is a retired jeweler.

The last time Rit and I had been together for any length of time was 10 years ago for Super Bowl 25 in Miami. What a time that was! But for another time!

Rit’s message was that he and wife Nancy were in Key West for the weekend. We finally hooked up at La Te Da after the symphony.

It was good to see Rit and Nancy. Nice people! Good people! They just married 2 years ago after prior marriages which had failed. They are beautiful together. In love!

They were already in the La Te Da state of mind when I arrived. Drinking and dancing and all that kind of stuff! And cavorting with the other bar patrons! Rit always was a quick learner!

The road trip, Madam Butterfly and Rit and Nancy! What a day!

I am taking Rit and Nancy out for a Key Wester tonight! Bobby Nesbitt at Kwest, dinner at Antonia’s and Larry Smith at the Pier House. What an evening it will be!

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