A typical Key West sunday for me yesterday. I did nothing! Except quiet mundane things.

I started the day staying bed watching the TV talk shows. I love them.

Had a late breakfast/early lunch at Harpoon Harry’s. An old time local’s place on the waterfront. Basically a diner in a store front.

Eggs, ham, home fries and toast can be filling. I followed up my dining with a walk along the waterfront. Not too many tourists, not too many locals. Maybe it was the heat.

Grocery shopping time. Cupboard really bare. Stopped at Publix. Whatever the reason, I enjoy grocery shopping. Never did it in my other life.

The price of groceries irks me. I do not know how people with less do it. Groceries have doubled in the last six months. Tie that together with $4 a gallon gasoline, how do families do it? A terrible situation. Truly one where the rich get richer and the poor poorer. If the situation does not get corrected, I see black clouds on the horizon.

I stopped at Walgreens. Had to pick up two new prescriptions. One  cost me $131!

I have a drug plan. It was good till recently. It is a new plan I purchased this past year. I have learned there is a “donut” in the middle of the plan. When the cost of my prescription drugs reached a certain dollar amount of spending by the company and me, the company pays a substantially lower amount. My co-pay inceases dramatically. I am in the donut till I spend roughly $4,500 out of my pocket. Then the plan I thought I bought kicks in again.

A rip off!

The prescription is for nitroglycerin spray. For my heart. I carry it with me at all times. The cost of the spray without insurance is $343. A rip off two ways. No drug in this country should cost that kind of money. The other rip off is the donut insurance situation.

I paid. I did not like it. But I like living.

I am just one of millions in this country that need nitroglycerin. I can see many going without because of cost. Wrong!

Sorry for pontificating. Sometimes things irritate me and I am compelled to express myself.

Supper time was calming. The grandchildren were back over to swim. Just watching them swim, run around and chat makes the world better.

I have a friend Rosanne. I have not seen her in 20 years. She lived in Utica. For several years, she used to run my parties. I was prone to throw parties for 100-200 people. That was then. She took care of everything.

She now lives I believe somewhere in North Carolina. We hooked up about six months ago on Facebook. We email every few days.

I mentioned a few days ago about smelling up the house while frying sausage. She wrote and reminded me of something I had forgotten.

Utica was an Italian community. When Roseanne and I were kids, many Italian families had an additional kitchen. In the cellar. Some were simple. Many elaborate. Better than the one upstairs. My parents did not have one. We were too poor.

The purpose of the cellar kitchen was for cooking foods that left an odor.

Thank you Rosanne for reminding me.

At the end of the blog on my disaster with cooking sausage, I mentioned I needed a woman. Wow, the responses! Unbelievable! Who could cook, who could sew, who could iron. Perhaps I should advertise for a wife.

Another example of my domesticity blues is what occurred about 10 days ago. I was ironing a shirt. I who did nothing but practise law in my other life. I put the iron down on my thumb. The blister just went away.

I have resolve today. I am going to rejoin the gym. Back to boxing and the tread mill.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Hi Lou,

    I recently was prescribed Pradaxa, the new blood thinner, to replace Coumadin, rat poison. Pradaxa requires no blood tests and is 35% more effective than Coumadin which is very unstable. I have insurance though the state as my cardiac injury was related to an infection I acquired as a police officer. Well, Pradaxa costs $312 a month as it is new and no generic is available. The insurance company had a fit and would not pay for it, I guess thinking rat poison was all I was worth. It took my lawyer to settle the issue.

    I love it when I hear all the patriotic red white and blue crapola about supporting our troops, firefighters and police who daily literally put their lives on the line for this place. When they get hurt or injured doing so, all of a sudden their "service" is forgotten and it is always about the money. At least if you die they pay for a snazzy funeral.

  2. Lou –

    Didn't your loving son John and daughter Lori make sure you had good health coverage when they took over your law practice?

    You would think that would be the very least they would do.

  3. Hey Lou,

    You might want to rethink the boxing. Maybe consider a personal trainer. They can guide you with your diet and help get you back on track safely.

  4. Louis Petrone I love reading your Blog some of the things you come out with makes me laugh and laughter is good for all of us. I can't believe your without a nice lady you never did anything for yourself your day was going to work to practice law. I think you should find a nice lady to take care of you , I can't see you being alone. You look so good handsome as ever. You won't have a problem finding a wife not at all. I'm sure they will have to wait on you hand and foot like in your other life.. I use to talk to you many years ago so I know pretty much how spoiled you were for many years. I can't believe your living alone and having the time of your life.. Take care of you heart stop smoking I did.

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