Other than personal happenings involving family, two things stand out in my life. Events that impressed me beyond expectation. One was man walking on the moon. The other the fall of the Berlin wall.

Today is the anniversary of one of those events. Neil Armstrong walked on the moon 42 years ago on July 20, 1969.

I was taken with the event.

It was 11 in the evening We lived on Gibson Road at the time.. My wife and I were in the family room watching history about to unfold. I said…..get the children up! I wanted them to see this memorable event.

The kids came downstairs sleepy eyed. They were 5 to 10 years of age. I had them watch. I explained the history and grandeur of the moment.

I think they could have cared less. I doubt they even remember the evening now, 40 plus years later.

I have always admired that Armstrong never sought glory or gain from the event. After his service ended, he quietly faded into a sort of personal obscurity. He became a college professor at the University of Cincinnati. He has avoided the spot light.

Lunched with Ann yesterday.

Ann is an old friend. Our relationship is getting older by the day. Not precise. Ann and I are getting older.

We knew each other back in Utica in the early 1960s. She was a reporter for the Utica papers. Then she left Utica. I never saw or heard from her again till we literally tripped over each other ten years ago at a charity event at East Martello. She and her husband were living in Big Pine.

Ann and I get together for lunch every 4 to 6 months. Yesterday was one of those days.

Ann is getting on in years. We all are. I had to explain to her six times over the telephone where the parking lot was and where the restaurant is. She knew. She just could not recall.

Anyhow, lunch was great! Ann recalls well the old days.

I had intended to lunch at Cuban Coffee Queen. The new cuban sandwich place I had been to the day before. It was threatening rain however, so I opted for across the street at Harpoon Harry’s.

I devoured a lunch I have not had in over two years. Pancakes. With butter and lots of warm syrup. I pigged out!

I have a built in antenna. I know when I am going a step too far. Yesterday was it. My weight is up. Need to drop ten pounds. I start today. Drinking out also till I lose the weight.

Never got to the gym yesterday. I am ashamed. Will not get there today either. Playing golf. That is exercise enough for me. To do the gym and golf in the same day would be pushing it. It would be cardiac arrest time.

I woke early. Five o’clock. I was expecting a call from Greece. It never came. The early wake up was a benefit in disguise, however.

You will recall last week that I shared with you how thrilled I was watching a movie of Sigmund Romberg’s life. One of his hit shows was The Student Prince. The 1953 movie version was on TV at 5 this morning. Kathryn Grayson and Gordon MacRae. A winner! Terrific musical! Gordon MacRae galloping over the desert dunes. Singing Romberg’s great songs.

A little known fact for my upstate New York friends. MacRae spent his grammar and high school years in Syracuse. A place firmly established in my life and near Utica.

I assume I will survive better this week at golf than last. I had to quit after 11 holes. I was dehydrated.

Enjoy your day!

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