I went to the gym yesterday and renewed my membership. I had let it lapse several months ago. Worked out on the tread mill a bit. I wanted to box. However, I could not get the gloves on. My hands were too sweaty from the humidity. I will work it out.

Afterwards, I walked next door to Don’s Place. Only for a glass of cold water. Had a couple. Rob bartending. Read the newspaper.

It is amazing the amount of business Don does all day. Professional drinkers.

I tried a new place for lunch. New for me. I do not recall the name. Not old age. Just not paying attention.

It is a shack. Litterally. About a block off the waterfront on the Gulf side. Near the public parking lot. A cuban sandwich place.

Michelle had told me about it. She works there delivering. It has been there for three years. I never knew. The place blends in with the building behind it.

I had a cuban toast. Excellent! I may go back today and try a cuban sandwich. There are benches located outside. I sat in the shade, ate and read a weekly local newspaper.

Stopped at Lisa’s following lunch. Chatted with her a bit. Cameron still in Mongolia. His last message was he was living with a Mongolian family. Cameron’s stories are going to be interesting when he returns.

Then a late afternoon nap. The humidity was heavy yeaterday. Nothing like a cool bedroom with cool sheets.

I was alone last night. As alone as anyone can be in Key West. No one is ever alone here.

I started at the Chart Room. Mary bartending. She is the monday bartender. Otherwise, she works at the out side bar. John, also. John from the Hot Tin Roof. Manager/host supreme. It was his night off.

I run into John frequently. We seem to enjoy the same haunts.

I was hungry. Where to eat? Outbacks. I am chewing again. Wonder of wonders! Wanted a steak. Sat at the bar and enjoyed.

Spotted Joe and his son at a table. Joe runs an auto repair shop on US 1. I took my Mercedes to him when it arrived. I went to Joe’s place because of a sign in his window: We Want Your Business.

I was not dissatisfied. Joe did good work and the price was reasonable.

It was Joe’s birthday and they were celebrating. He was 42 or 46. I laughed as I congratulated him. I was thinking and shared with him that I was 76 last week. I could see the disbelief in his eyes.

Tom Dixon from Buffalo is in town. Staying at Ocean Key. He is a Facebook friend and a loyal blog reader. We also met at the Gardens earlier this year. Tom frequents Key West with some regularity. We shall be hooking up some eveninng soon at the Chart Room.

Cheryl emailed me. The Chicago humidity is a killer. I suspect she and her husband Roger go north in the summer to avoid the Key West humidity. This summer there is no escape from the humidity anywhere in the country.

Cheryl and Roger both love Key West. Have become an integral part of the Key West scene in the past two years.

Apparently they miss Key West big time. Need a shot of it on occasion.

My blog seems to be that shot at the moment.

Cheryl wrote that Roger had started reading my blog, this blog, from day one. The day I wrote my first blog. She told me it was Novemebr 6, 2007. I did not even recall.

Cheryl started two days ago. She was in the 2008s and going strong!

Love it!

Time for a bit of breakfast and then off to the gym. A good boy am I!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Ok now that I read your post I'm going out for my AM walk I do this twice a day. Keep it up at the gym good for your health but quit smoking Louis this would be better and stop drinking even better LOL. Have a great day and will check in tomorrow..

  2. Hey, dear friend, what fun to read your blog today. You wrote about us first on December 7, 2009, when we were looking for you. We finally met you at The Chart Room on December, 11. We so enjoy reading the blog, thanks!

  3. hey lou ! glad you chewing with no problem ! curious about the cuban shack for lunch ? hell i thought i knew KW . no clue. please share the name when you return there. hot as hell, but used to it ! and 101 degrees in columbia,sc…………BYRDMAN

  4. Bird: It's just 50 feet to the right of the entrance to the old Market, or just 50 feet to the left of the entrance to the Half Shell Raw Bar.

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