There is a new reataurant in Key West!

The New York Strip House!

A steak house!

I had dinner there last night.

Lets begin with the decor. Old west bordello! A brothel! Bright red walls! Bright red velour covered sofas! And dark wood!

And befitting its name Strip House, bare female breasts all over the place! Large photographs of bare bosoms! Tastefully done! A mouth watering description!

That was inside. Outside was quiet different.

I ate outside. Between you and I, inside was too heavy for me!

The restaurant is located in the newly redecorated Reach Hotel. The outside of the restaurant is the same as the restaurants of old that preceded the Strip House. The large terrace on the beach overlooking the ocean. The sound of the surf. The beauty of the palm trees swaying in the wind with the ocean right there as a backdrop.

And no titties! Just you and nature!

Only new chairs and tables. Simple. Nothing fancy.

I am happy to report the food is outstanding!

I rarely eat meat. But when in Rome do as the Romans do! So it was filet mignon for me! And creamed spinach and hash browns.

The filet was excellent! Moist and tasty. The creamed spinach to die for! I love creamed spinach! The hash browns were ok, nothing spectacular.

The bill was comaparable to other high end restaurants in Key West. Expensive! Worth the price however! Good food in the atmosphere described cannot be beat! I would love to sit outside on that terrace in that setting for dinner every evening!

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