Good morning!

Glad you are alive and well! Glad none of you are suffering from the massive earthquake and explosions predicted for today!

There is a prophet of sorts, perhaps a religious fanatic, named Harold Camping. He is an evangelical radio broadcaster. Owns Family Radio Worldwide. Mature. 89 years old.

Camping has an immense following. His radio stations are numerous. He has made money over the years buying and selling radio stations. He also benefits from all his religious followers who donate big time dollars to him and his church.

We are talking millions of dollars!

Camping predicted the world was going to end today. There would be the Apocalypse. Doomsday. Also the day of Rapture. Jesus Christ was to return.

Of all the people on earth, Camping said only three per cent were righteous and woud be taken by God immediately into Heaven. The remaining 97 per cent would be left to suffer on earth for five months till Octolber 21st when they would enter into eternal damnation.

Camping was able to predict not only the exact date, but also the specific time of the day the world would end. Based on  certain claimed/interpreted Biblical facts and his own mathematical calculations, today was the day. The time 6 pm. Six in the evening in each time zone. The world was not going to explode all at once. But by time zones.

The first time zone to go at 6 pm this date was New Zealand. It is already well past 6 pm in New Zealand. It is pushing midnight. New Zealand still exists. No earthquake. No explosions.

I am not worrying about 6 pm our time.

Camping’s followers are numerous. And as indicated before, support him and his church with tons of money. Many of his followers stopped working months ago to preach regarding the end of the world that was supposed to have occurred today.

I read an interesting comment yesterday about this end of the world thing. Several persons who believe stopped paying their bills months ago. Are they in for a surprise!

Someone once said there is a sucker born every minute. Some truth to it. Especially in this instance since Camping made a similar prediction in 1994. The world did not end. He said it was an error in computation. The most interesting thing was that his followers increased in size thereafter, even though he was wrong.

Mark Ryno is one of the nicest persons I have met in Key West. People call him Ryno.

I first met Ryno at the KONK radio station when I started doing my show. He was a big help to me. What did I know about radio!

We had something in common. We both came from Central New York. I from Utica and Ryno from Waterville. Waterville is a little town about 10 miles south of Utica.

Ryno recently left Key West.

I am pleased to report he is back in Central New York. He is disc jockeying a radio show that airs on KROCK in Syracuse and Utica.

Congratualtions Ryno! I am glad you are back in the business. I am sorry it is away from Key West. May you someday return.

Ally has a birthday party to attend today. Robert will be alone. I called him. We are finally going to Mr. Z’s to try out their Philly cheese steak sandwich.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Well, I've just stumbled on to your blog or what ever it is called. Did any halfway sane person really believe that ridiculous prediction? I'm no bible thumper, as a matter of fact been years since I stepped in a church building, but I know that if you believe in the bible that it states that no man will know of when the rapture will happen. Okay that's my sermon for today. I'm from Florida and only been to Key West two times on my life but enjoyed it. I also noted the extreme changes between that twenty year or two visit. Being from Kissimmee I'm well aware of what tourism and increasing snowbird retirement can do, i.e. Disney invasion on small cowtown. Mixed blessing I guess. Am wondering how do the locals deal with the crowding and being able to afford to still live there? Isn't there a cutoff of how many people can live there? Well, anyway I hope you enjoy your paradise today and glad we are still here.

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