Ho ho ho!

I am late today. Sorry.

But…..obviously in a good mood!

Why not? I live in Key West! The weather is good. My friends are good. God is good.

I worked for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon with Jenna. We were fine tuning today’s internet show. After she left, I went to bed for an hour to rest up for bocce. The hour turned into two hours. I overslept and was late for bocce!

Ergo, I missed the first game. Which we lost. I played games 2 and 3, however.

I played with Don, Keith and David in game 2. We killed the opposition 16-2. We were excited. We could do no wrong. We wanted to win the third game. Badly. We hate a losing evening.

The four of us played the third game, also. As good as we were in game 2, that is how bad we were in game 3. Especially me. We lost whatever it was that makes you continue playing good. We were destroyed in game 3!

Afterwards was party time at Don’s Place. Jumping last night. Big time fun!

This morning was my internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Interesting topics. This past week has  been replete with controversial issues. Already I can report the two hot items discussed. The emails and telephone calls have been coming in heavy.
One is Arnold Schwarzenegger and his marital problem. The thrust of my comments were to the effect that sexual mores have changed in the last 60 years. Women partake of sex outside of marriage, also. For every man accused of pulling his fly down, there is a woman who could  not keep her panties up.

The other item involved a Brazilian court case where a woman with a chemical imbalance took her employer to court to get some relief. She did. The facts were simple. The woman was diagnosed as a compulsive orgasmic. Short for she needed to relief  herself by masturbating 40 times a day. The court ruled her emplyer had to give her 15 minutes every two hours to deal with the problem.

She was literally paid for masturbating.

Within two days, this decision had spread. Psychiatrists, psychologists, sex therapists and the like were and are all heralding the decision as forward moving.

Brazil has a reputation for being very employee conscious and supportive. Much like the French. Still the decision seemed a strange one. Though reported in several places, the Brazilian court was never specifically identified. I decided to do an internet search. I could not discover the identity of the court, except that it was Brazilian.

So I seriously question the veracity of this reported case. Which I also pointed out to my listening and watching audience.

The weather contiues to be spectacular! Magnificent! Beautiful! A bit warmer each day. Cool evenings.

The thought occurred to me today that hurricane season is around the corner. It has been five years since we were hit by one. Will this be the year?  Will we have to pay for the glorious weather these past five months?

I sound like that cartoon character from…..Little Abner? The little guy with the black cloud over his head!

Enjoy your day!

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