I saw a strange thing Monday night on my way to Passover Seder dinner.

I was driving down Flagler past Bank of America. There were about 30 demonstrators on the sidewalk carrying signs. Like “F–K BANK OF AMERICA” and “PAY YOUR CORPORATE TAXES.”

Shade of things to come?

Not enough jobs and the increasing cost of gasoline and groceries can tick people off. The banks have gotten richer while the middle class has become poor.

Golf yesterday morning. Played better than last week. Could not putt, however. Three putted most greens.

It was hot! About 90. It hit me. After a while, I felt like I was swinging my full golf bag instead of one club.

Played with Tino, Aaron and Bill. Plus a new guy. Nick. Nick and I had met before. He works at Sears Auto where I buy tires.

It was home to bed for me immediately after golf. I was exhausted. I collapsed on the bed in mgloriously air conditioned bedroom and fell asleep!

I was not in the mood to go out last night. Still a bit tired. Plus, I did not want to shave. I hate shaving.

I knew it was best to get out a bit, however. I took a soothing shower and headed for Don’s Place. Spent time at the bar with Don. We talked of many things. One of them was bocce. We play tonight. We play the #1 team, the Bubbas. Don is going to have me play games 1 and 2 instead of 1 and 3. He thinks I cannot take a break. Need to go immediately from one game to another to retain and improve my momentum. We shall see if he is correct. He is also not going to be my partner tonight. Keith will be joining me. No problem. Keith has been rolling them the best in recent weeks.

And you thought bocce was not important!

David was chatting with Don, also. Son in law of Nancy and Michael. 34. Father of a seven month old son. And owner of Island Dogs.

Island Dogs is the bar/restaurant on the Pier House property. It sits on Front Street just steps off Duval. A popular tourist spot. Even more popular since David acquired it. You can tell from his converdsation that he is a business man. He knows what everything costs, margins of profit, etc.

I met David the first time at a pool party at Don’s home about three years ago. We had a lengthy conversation while in the pool. He was looking for a place to buy at the time.

I am impressed with David.

Busy day ahead today. Ally is in a show at Montessori at 9:30. Robert’s show is at 1:30. I have a business luncheon at noon. And I still have several hours of work to do for the Key West Lou Legal Hour tomorrow morning. Plus bocce tonight.


Enjoy your day!

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  1. Good to know Island Dogs is doing well. I was in there a couple of times last November and we really liked the place. Plus they had a friend of mine playing for a few nights so that helped sway me.

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