Good day yesterday!

What day isn’t if your lucky enough to live in Key West!

I started the morning with a haircut. Lori. Always lovely. Always personable. She is looking like a California beach girl lately. Deepening tan, long blond hair. She recently acquired a kayak. Spends her weekends and free time out on the water.

Hurried home as soon as Lori finished me up. Donna waiting. Had to take her to the airport. We had a little time. Chatted out under the tiki hut. Then to the airport.

I shall miss Donna and Terri. They are good friends.

I spent the afternoon writing. It was hot. I was under the tiki hut. Shaded. Fortunately, there was an excellent breeze blowing in to cool me.

Last night was special for me.

Steve Purciello is a loyal reader of this blog. He is from New Jersey. He, his wife and friends, are here for the week. We agreed to hook up at 6 at the Chart Room.

I enjoyed my time with these fine people. We laughed, we talked seriously.

All four are in the education field. Beside Steve, there was his wife Helen. Their friends were Dan and Sue. New Jerseyites all. Unhappy with Gov. Christie. Ergo, we had much to talk about.

The conversation was intelligent and stimulating.

I was especially taken with Dan. No insult to the rest. Dan was an assistant football coach to Dick MacPhearson at Syracuse in the 1980s. He was there when the Carrier Dome opened. I had a box seating 16 with a bar in the new Dome.

We chatted a bit about Syracuse football and basketball.

I mentioned my Amazon Kindle legal blog. Sue had a Kindle. She has already emailed me this morning that she subscribed to the legal blog.

Thank you, Sue! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it!

Afterwards, I headed over to Don’s Place. Quiet. Very quiet. Spoke with Russ and Harry at the bar. Watched part of the Knicks game with them.

I had stopped in the night before with Donna for a drink. Russ saw us sitting at the bar. Last night he commented…..what a lovely lady! He had that twinkle in his eye like… lucky dog! Russ reads this blog every day. I said that was Donna, one of my lesbian wives! No, he said, not believing.

Lesbians can be hot looking women, also!

Then it was home to bed.

This morning golf. Ho, ho. How will I play?

Enjoy your day!

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