Great radio show yesterday morning! Really this morning!

Terrific topics!

The most feed back after the show concerned the segment on mortgage foreclosures.

I touched on J. P. Morgan Chase’s announcement yeaterday that it was putting a temporary freeze on foreclosure matters. Apparently the bank is concerned with flawed paperwork at its end.

I also commented on the recent article in the Sun Sentinel advising Florida Congressman Alan Grayson had asked the Florida Supreme Court to look into the activities of certain law firms that were representing banks in foreclosure actions.

I finished the segment with comment regarding what I perceive as a misuse of federal stimulus funds by the State of Florida. The Florida legislature has taken a chunk of the monies and given it to the Court System. The purpose is to assist the Court System in resolving the large number of pending mortgage foreclosure cases. The claim is the cases are backlogging the courts.

My thought is the stimulus dollars are being used to assist Wall Street over Main Sgtreet once again. The banks and courts are suddenly moving expeditiously to clear the court calendars of these cases. All to the detriment of taxpayers, many whom will be evicted from their homes.

The blockbuster to all of this is the announcement this afternoon by Bank of America that it was tempoarily putting a halt to its foreclosure proceedings in 23 states. To examine the paperwork involved at the bank’s end which some feel might be a bit shoddy. A bank employee recently testified at a deposition that she signed affidavits in some 8,000 foreclosure matters indicating that she had examined certain documents involved in the foreclosures. She had not. She said there were just too many foreclosures.

There seems to be a snowlballing effect to alleged bank errors and misdeeds.

I lunched alone at Hogfish. Sat in the shade by the water. Read the newspapers.

Later packed for my trip.

My farewell evening in Key West had for its first stop the Chart Room. Where else!

Michael bartending. Chatted with the patrons.

Then it was off to the Hot Tin Roof for dinner.

Manager John was all excited! His alma mater Wisconsin is 4-0. Ranked 9 and 10 in the polls.

Wisconsin plays Ohio State in 3 weeks. John assumes both teams will be 6-0 going into the game. And, of course, he expects Wisconsin will win! This is their year! So John says!

Stopped at Don’s Place on the way home. Relatively quiet. Erica and Herschel there. My bocce team mates!

Erica has a new hair do! She is a red head! Said she had it done today. She looked terrific!

Kurt was bartending. He surprised me. When I told him I was traveling to Utica tomorrow, he told me he had worked there 10 years ago. He knew the motels, restaurants, the old Chicago Pneumatic and the Turning Stone Casino. What a small world!

I leave tomorrow morning for Utica. Donna and Terri arrive tomorrow morning for a 3 week visit. My house guests, of course! Love to have them here! Sorry I will not be with them the first week of their stay.

I will write the next blog Sunday morning. From Utica! In the center of New York State.

Weather conditions are around 60 degrees. Means socks, long pants, real shoes and a jacket.

I miss Key West already!

Enjoy your Saturday!

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  1. Greetings from the Hill.

    Check out new court dates
    for 10/15/2005.

    All about MERS and MOM.

    Mark to market and foreclosure.

    Take a coat, Lou,


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