Good morning!

From Utica, New York!

Utica is from whence I come. My former home. Always home in my heart. Even though now I am proud to call Key West home.

The plane trip yesterday was uneventful. Seemed long. Probably because I was tired from lack of sleep.

Lisa picked me up before 7 in the morning to drive me to the airport. It was still dark outside. Robert and Ally were hiding in the back of the van. All of a sudden they jumped out and yelled…..surprise!

A joy!

I left Key West at 8. It was 80 degrees. I arrived in Atlanta at 10. It was 55 degrees.

I was dressed for it however. Even a leather jacket which I needed!

People look different once you get away from the sunny keys. Pale. Brow lines. Appear unhappy. Smile less.

It is fall in upstate New York. The trees have started to change. They are about 25 per cent into the process. The colors are not bright yet. Dull. In a week they will be blazing red and yellow.

I feel the chill here. Sixty degrees. People are into using heat. Good!

I visited with my 96 year old father last night. He is in better shape than all of us! We watched the Yankee game together. He is a die hard fan. I am not into baseball. I got a Yankee education last night. How they have lost 6 out of their last 7 games, are tied for first place, only a handful of games left.

I caught the last few minutes of the Wisconsin football game before I left for Dad’s. Wisconsin was playing Michigan or Michigan State. Both were undefeated at 4-0. Wisconsin lost by 10 points.

I felt bad for friend John at Hot Tin Roof. A Wisconsin grad and die hard fan. Not their year, John! Wisconsin will end up with a good season and go to a decent bowl. But #1 remains elusive!

I was in bed around 10 and slept the sleep of the dead till 6 this morning. I needed it!

One of the blog readers from another country e mailed me. Said…..carpe diem!

I had never heard the term before. Did not know what it meant. So I googled it.

Carpe diem is Latin for seize the day. Horace used the term in a poem. Horace was saying the future is unknowable. There may not be one. Life is sudden. So…..drink the wine today!

Good show, Horace! A wise admonition, if one thinks about it. Unfortunately most of us do not live that way. It is always tomorrow…..when tomorrow may not be.

Two former big time stars recently died. Tony Curtis and Eddie Fisher. Sad. Both talents in their own right.

I always enjoyed Tony Curtis. He was a flexible actor. Played many rolls.

Eddie Fisher was a terrific singer in my earlier days. He sang primarily love ballads. He married Debbie Reynolds. She was young and beautiful. America loved Debbie Reynolds! America loved the marriage!

Then Eddie Fisher did the unforgivable. He fell in love with Elizabeth Taylor! Divorced Debbie for Elizabeth.

America hated Edddie Fisher for it! His fame and acceptance dropped like a lead ball off a building. He never was held in high esteem again. He never enjoyed the same success as a singer again.

I have house guests back in Key West. Donna and Terri. They arrived after I left yesterday morning. To both I say welcome. And please take out the garbage tommorrow. I forgot to do it.

Enjoy your day!

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