I never made it to golf yesterday!

It was too cold and rainy. Low 60s.

However apparently everyone else did. So I am getting beat up for failing to appear!

Instead I spent a couple of hours in the morning finishing off paying bills. And then I did something I have not done in quite awhile. I spent the rest of the day in bed sleeping and watching TV. Must have needed it! Felt great afterward and even this morning!

Last night was cold!!!Long pants night!

Bob and I had drinks at the Yacht Club. Then dinner at A&B Lobster House. I had not eaten at A&B in a long time! Good food! Noisy though.

Then we went to La Te Da. Always the best! Love that place!

I had a couple of espresso martinis and then was home to bed. Early!

Tonight bocci! I am rested and ready!

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