It happens every now and then. Fortunately, with less frequency.

I fell thursday night. In my bathroom. The toilet bowl and floor became my enemies.

Lucky I did not break my left hip. Could not get up. Always a problem for seniors who fall. Lay there for an hour. Finally crawled the 30 feet to my bedroom.

Getting on the bed not easy.

My left leg and knee a mess of big bruises and small cuts. My left arm the same. My right arm a mess from elbow to wrist. Both knees hurt.

My left hip the worse. Glad I did not break it. Major bruise and small cuts. Difficult to put weight or pressure on it. Laying in bed and sitting a problem. Going up stairs painful.

Spent yesterday in bed on my side.

No blog yesterday because of the fall.

Cheryl Keast, love you! You always are concerned when there is no blog. Wonder if a computer glitch or worse. Worse this time.

Perhaps my next book should not be Growing Up Italian. Problems of the Elderly might be better. I have experience in both areas.

Blog short today. Sitting literally a pain in the ass. Want to get back to bed.

The Government shut down. Disgraceful.

Of course, I consider Trump to blame. He and his wall/immigration issue disruptive. Needs the wall and some immigration concessions for his base. The solid 39 percent.

The Democrats know they have him in a bind. They are correct in holding out for DACHA, CHIP, opioid funding, and aid for Puerto Rico.

If both sides were smart, they would get it done in one swell swoop at this time.

Smart however no longer an attribute of politicians.

The far right, alt-right, and evangelicals worry me. Most of whom make up Trump’s solid base. Actually, scare me.

They have brought us a President such as Trump and opened the door to all kinds of political nuts who now sit in Congress.

Rick Saccone is the GOP Congressional candidate in a special Pennsylvania election. Last thursday, Trump traveled to North Fayette Township to campaign for Saccone.

Who is Saccone? A scary background. He was an interrogation consultant for the U.S. Army at the infamous Abu Ghraib in Iraq. A torture expert. He has written extensively in support of tactics widely condemned as torture by human rights experts. Like waterboarding, stress positions, and sleep deprivation. Also, the use of execution threats, dogs, and electrocution threats.

Is Saccone the type of person we want in Congress? There are enough right wing nuts already.

People are known by the company they keep. Trump looks bad in supporting Saccone.

The election result will be an indication of Trump’s present popularity. He carried the Congressional district by 20 percent a year ago.

Terri White getting healthier by the day. Saw her local cancer doctor this week. Her tests all good.

Terri is singing the next few days. Sunday at Kate Miano’s Gardens. Monday at Aqua with Dueling bartenders.

Go Terri!

Enough. Back to bed time.

Enjoy your day!

















7 comments on “I ACHE…..I FELL

    • Just absolutely not true comrade – just another manipulative attempt by a troll, who has no credibility, or decency. Patrick, are you paid by the lie? Are you paid with peanuts or bananas?

    • I have a small disagreement with you on this Patrick. I don’t believe the shutdown is disgraceful at all. It’s a political trick that will eventually bite both political parties in the ass.

      Yes the Dems are responsible for it, but in reality, it’ll hardly affect the average Joe’s life.

      Both parties should be concerned that the constituency will catch on to the fact that most of our Benevolent All Knowing, All Caring Federal Government isn’t needed nearly as much as we are told/warned (especially the incredible amount of “non-essential” employees).

      When we the people see that our great benefactor is nothing more than a bloated dead body hiding behind a curtain and bullhorn, their cushy, fat-cat lifestyles come to an end and our government goes back to where it belongs… in the hands of the people, not the political class.

      This truth is a reality that the political class should and probably are beginning to fear.

      So keep the federal government closed for awhile. Then we can realize how much of it we really don’t need.

      Get well soon Lou. I wish you a speedy recovery.

  1. What bothers me is that every admin since Clinton has wanted immigration reform and nothing substantial has been done. Its nothing but talk and that changes constantly. Our new President put congress to task on it as he should and still nothing is being done. Our congress becomes more broken by the day. The democrats are doing nothing more than attempting to gain more votes doing nothing but speaking with a forked tongue.
    What I find disgraceful is the way our congress acts, this being part of it. I do agree that this shutdown will not effect most people.

  2. Comrade Patrick – Once again you ignore the facts to push a false narrative (lie). Donald Trump publicly (on national TV) urged congress to negotiate a bipartisan deal, any deal and bring it to him. He said (publicly) that he would sign it. That’s exactly what congress did, and according to all accounts congress had a majority in both house and senate ready and willing to vote and approve that bill. However, Donald Trump then said he would not sign that bipartisan Bill, after all. Most honest people, would interpret that as a failure by Donald Trump, not by the congress. Why are YOU manipulating those facts? I sure looks like you are the one with a forked tongue. Is it that you are confused or are you the TROLL we all, once again see you as?

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