Volodymyr Zelensky is the 21st century Winston Churchill.

Without question.

Ukraines are fighting authoritarianism, fascism and terrorism. They are confronting evil. They are the free world’s buffer. Deserving of all the support the U.S. and NATO can give them.

Congress, especially the new House, must give Ukraine all the money it needs to fight Putin. Iran now included. By fighting Putin, the Ukraine is now fighting Iran.

This is not 1940. It is a new century. Eighty years later. Military weapons in the form of missiles have the capacity to reach U.S. shores. Opponents have the capacity to wage war on American soil with boots on the ground.

We must engage foes on their shores, not ours. We do not want blood flowing on American streets, our women and children raped, American’s executed by shots to the backs of their heads, heatless winters, etc.

On this day in 1941, Churchill arrived in Washington for a war time conference with Roosevelt.

A few days later on December 26, Churchill made his historic wartime address in the Senate Chamber before an informal meeting of Congress. His address was in the Senate rather than House Chamber because of the Christmas holiday. Most Congresspersons and Senators were home on vacation. Nevertheless, the Senate Chamber was packed. additional chairs were required to be added on the Senate floor to accommodate the overflow. The Senate gallery was standing room only.

Churchill warned “many disappointments and unpleasant surprises await us.” He pointed out the United Kingdom had been the target of a nine month long German campaign – known as the Blitz – and went on to note the Axis powers “are enormous, they are better; they are ruthless.”

These are “wicked men” he called them, and had brought evil forces into play. They must “know they will be called to terrible account.” He then slowly stated, “We are masters of our fate.”

Those members of the new House who want to trim Ukraine funding should keep Churchill’s last statement in mind.

Time to share another favorite musical tune. Part of my Christmas gift to you.

I have always enjoyed the beat to the Village People’s YMCA. Almost did not share it. While skimming the internet the other evening, I noticed Trump was now using the music to YMCA to whip people up at his political gatherings. Decided not to use it. Then thought why let Trump cheat me and my readers out of something more.

Ergo, the Village People and YMCA.


Once again, Merry Christmas!

It is fortunate the Keys has a Turtle Hospital. The Marathon Turtle Hospital. Bearer of a world wide reputation.

Twenty endangered Kemp’s ridley sea turtles arrived at the Marathon hospital December 9 to warm up and receive treatment after suffering “cold stunning” in Cape Cod waters.

A group of private pilots, dubbed “Turtles Fly Too,” donated their planes, fuel and time, transporting the turtles in towel-lined banana boxes.

The cold wave is coming. Arrives saturday. Every time extreme cold weather hits the northeast part of the U.S., Key West gets impacted with unusually cold weather. Fortunately, never snow.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Perhaps instead of YMCA for the Christmas song, you should have posted a rendition of…

    “Baby it’s Cold Outside”

    or perhaps…

    Jimmy Buffett’s “Boat Drinks”… (I’ve got to go where it’s warm.)

    Merry Christmas

    Kokomo Man

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