Persons of extreme wealth have always wanted to influence the U.S. government. Actually, control it. For some reason, they believe their wealth gives them a divine right to do so.

Regarding January 6, I have asked several times where did the money come from to support the uprising. Those fighting their way up the Capitol steps were not billionaires. Most were ordinary every day Americans.

It took money to get them to Washington. Transportation. Then where would they sleep, how would they eat, etc. All took money. The kind most did not have.

I was hoping the January 6 Committee might reveal who the moneybags were. They may have. The report was finally released in its entirety last night. This morning’s news contains the name of one such person who put $3 million up.

The person is 76 year old Publix heiress Julie Fancelli. She made the offer in late December 2020. The January 6 report documents a significant amount. How it was spent, allocated.

She wanted certain things.

She wanted Roger Stone and Alex Jones to speak at the planned White House Ellipse that preceded the violent march to the Capitol. Neither did. She wanted busing to be provided the insurrectionists. That she did receive.

Fancelli initially wanted to wire all of the $3 million to Charlie King’s Turning Point USA. She wanted the $3 million used to bus people to Washington. Eventually $1.25 million was.

Other monies were parceled as follows.

Caroline Wren received $200,000 as a commission for securing the money. Sixty thousand went to Donald Trump Jr.’s partner Kimberly Guilfoyle for her 3 minute speech before the rally. Roger Stone received an unspecified amount to pay for the private plane to fly him to Washington and his fee. The Republican Attorney General Association, Rule of Law defense Fund, received $150,000. Three hundred thousand went to Women For America First.

There has to be more who contributed in significant amounts. As the 800 page January 6 Committee report is dissected, we shall find out.

The issue of Confederate statues, etc. keep popping up. My position remains the same. Part of American history. Good, bad or indifferent. Leave such things alone.

What does disturb me however is when a person has an opinion re the issue based on ignorance. Does no one good.

Yesterday’s Citizens’ Voice (12/22) contained a comment re Stephen Mallory. A Key West resident who represented Florida in the U.S. Senate in the decade preceding the Civil War. When Florida seceded, he joined the government of the Confederacy as Secretary of the Navy.

Key West’s Mallory Square honors him as well as his bust in the nearby “bust garden.”

The comment that bugged me: “Mallory would never grab a person by the parsley. He only did a little bit of treason. It’s not like he tried to overthrow the country. Give him a break.”

“He only did a little bit of treason. It’s not like he tried to overthrow the government.” Let’s look at what he did. He was Secretary of the Navy in the administration of Jefferson Davis. He held the position throughout the existence of the Confederacy. He was able to shape the Confederate Navy according to the principles he had learned while serving in the U.S. Senate. His ideas included the incorporation of armor into warship construction. So much so, it became the standard in navies around the world.

Following the war, Mallory was imprisoned for more than a year. The public’s mood softened and he was granted a parole by President Johnson.

The last portion of my Christmas gift. Frank Sinatra’s My Way.



Merry Christmas!

When the new Republican House of Representatives is sworn in January 3, it will be led by a bully team. Disrespectful one and all.

An early example occurred when Zelensky was speaking before the joint session of Congress.

Since January 6, persons entering Congress must pass through special security. Makes sense. Representatives Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boebert are part of the bully group that will be leading the new House. They refused to go through security. Bulled their way through.

Then they sat throughout Zelensky’s address. Refusing to stand or clap. Working their cell phones most of the time.

A tough 2 years ahead.

There was a Celebration for Britney Griner this week. It was held at a church in Waco. Waco the home of Baylor University. The University in recess for the Christmas holiday.

Only 20 people showed up. Why so few? The fact Baylor in recess not reason enough. There are people who live in the Waco area.

China buried in COVID. On any given day, one million suffering from Covid. The number of reported deaths astronomical. Five thousand per day. Funeral parlors/directors cannot handle the volume.

The average number of cases is expected to rise to 3.7 million in January.

Sad! Horrible! Recall the U.S., New York City 2-3 years ago.

Enjoy your Day! Complete your Christmas shopping! I was a last minute shopper.


  1. I completely disagree with you and do not understand your position for keeping and not condemning statutes of civil war leaders and soldiers throughout America. To me, honoring and celebrating these traitors is just plain wrong. Can you imagine any Jew in say Poland having to tolerate a statue of Adolf Eichmann in their local community? You yourself openly distain Mussolini for his part in WWII Italy, would you now say it would be OK to erect a statute honoring him, claiming it’s just a physical public expression of Italian history?

    Come on Lou, these statutes commemorating Civil War traitors are hurtfull to many and only comforting to Americas enemies still within. History belongs in history books, NOT in town squares.

    • Understand and respect your position. However tell me why Poland for example maintains the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum which it founded in 1947 and in 1979 was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO? Also the Museum Treblinka?

      • I don’t know why Poland hosts and maintains the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum, or the Museum Treblinka? I guess so the hours of that time and those places are NEVER forgotten.

        However, I don’t see that at all odd or inappropriate. I see that as entirely different and acceptable in a historic and appropriate way. Neither of this places is celebrating or glorifying the horror of WWII, as would be public statutes of it’s perpetrators, as do those public CW statues you talk about in your blog, here in (mostly southern states) of America.

        I am not suggesting that the Civil war not be taught (or mentioned) here in appropriate ways, only that it not be done in an honoring, or comforting, or glorifying way.

        Although never having been to Poland, I highly doubt that the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum or the Museum Treblinka, glorify the atrocities they detail in their museums and I also doubt they have and statues of Nazi generals or Statesmen of that time in and public squares.

  2. I agree with Terry. No one is complaining about what is displayed or talked about at Gettysburg, that is the appropriate setting. What’s being talked about and objected to, not just in the south, is the statues and public displays glorifying those people who lead a four year long violent and bloody insurrection here in America.

  3. I can’t imagine a theme park in Poland with roller coasters streaming through crematoriums would be tolerated, yet something actually like that near Andersonville, GA, being tolerated (Stone Mountain Confederate theme park) does not surprise me.

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