Crazy weather upon us. Only going to get crazier.

Began with the rain yesterday. Unbelievable. Key West day time rain storms are modest. Brief. Generally, light. Yesterday was another story.

Did it rain! Poured! With length and intensity that normally accompanies a hurricane. With one difference. Tropical storm rain rarely falls straight down. Comes in sideways. Sometimes from the bottom up (joking). Yesterday’s was straight down.

I found it welcoming. A few days ago my neighbor and I were talking about the need for an intense rain storm. One way to get your car washed. A good rain as good as a commercial washing. Can’t wait to go out this morning and see my car bright and shiny.

The weather is not going to get better. A cold artic blast is expected to cover southern Florida saturday and sunday. In time for Christmas.

Iguanas will fall from the trees! Appear dead. Merely stunned. Will recover as the weather warms up.

Key West temperatures Christmas Eve and Christmas will range from a high in the mid 60’s to lows in the mid 50’s. Long pants weather.

My Christmas gift continues. Songs I enjoy. Today New York, New York. The 3 Tenors again.

Merry Christmas again! Especially New Yorkers whose chests burst with pride when the song is played.

I wrote about the famous line “I’ll have what she’s having” in When Harry Met Sally” the other day. In a Comment  received today, I was advised it was Billy Crystal’s mother who said the line in the movie. My thanks to the person who shared the information with me. I fact checked to be sure. Make enough mistakes on my own.

Turns out it was not Crystal’s Mom. Rob Reiner’s mother Estelle. Reiner was directing the movie. Reiner convinced his mother to do it. And she did it well!

The Ukraine’s Zelensky travels to Washington today to meet with Biden during the day and address Congress this evening.

Hope Hicks back in the news. Hope a Senior Counselor to Trump.

It was revealed as part of the January 6’s final report that Hicks “pressed” for Trump to tell his followers “not to engage in violence.” He refused.

Bess Levin described Hope’s testimony: Hope “twists the knife.”

A brief insight into what scholars are saying about the Supreme Court.

They describe the Court’s recent conduct as “imperial.” Reflecting an “assertion of power.” Insisting on “dominance” and a willingness to use procedural shortcuts to achieve it.


Trump’s 6 years of tax returns are being released. Going to be interesting!

Syracuse lost to Pitt last night by 2 points 84-82. Sounds like a close game. It was not. Pitt demolished Syracuse the first three quarters. Then with minutes left and Pitt ahead by 20 points, Syracuse came alive.

Syracuse’s defense pressed harder. Syracuse players found the hoop. Pitt could not score. Pitt failed to score a goal in the last 6 minutes of the game.

Pitt’s 3 point shooting was fantastic. Boeheim has always said his zone defense is not that effective against the 3 point shot. If an opposing team keeps making them, Syracuse will lose. Looked like it was going to happen last night.

Boeheim continued to be critical of his forwards in the post game interview. They are not rebounding. He is also unhappy with the defense overall.

Enjoy your day!



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