Syndicated columnist Walter Williams wrote an article titled Young People Are Ignorant of History. My initial reaction was yes. After thinking about it a bit, I realized my reaction was not correct.

Williams was referring to millenials. I go back even further in reference to the “young.” I have discovered that the “young” rarely know anything of an historical nature that occurred before they were born. Life for them and the world began at birth.

Makes me wonder if anyone pays attention to history in school any more.

To the other end of the spectrum. Many older people are ignorant of history, also. Trump an example.

A President without an awareness of history. Amazing! No wonder he knows nothing.

Came across an interesting ad over the weekend. Directed at senior citizens.  The ad was by a company promoting a drug for aged persons.

The quote…..There are only 2 types of people in the world. Senior citizens and those in training to be senior citizens.

Makes sense.

I have read many times that man has 2 great drives. Sex and food. The sex speaks for itself. Food on occasion qualifies as a “drive.” Not as often as sex.

I enjoyed my food drive yesterday.

I purchased fresh dates from Publix. Very seldom available. They were absolutely delicious! Sweet! Juicy! First time I have tasted them in years.

My Sunday got totally screwed up.

I research and write this blog in the morning. Start researching at 6. Generally finish the writing 5 hours later at 11.

Not yesterday.

My platform for the blog is WordPress. Love it! However, let me down yesterday. I could not open WordPress.

I needed Sloan to contact WordPress and get the problem corrected. We had been there before and she would know what to do.

Sloan was working at her other job. Her phone turned off while there. I did not hear from her till around 2. I had made her specifically aware of what was happening via e-mail and a phone message.

She called me after contacting WordPress. Voila! Problem corrected! Not totally, however. Time! It was around 5 by the time I got the blog done and out.

Took a shower and went out to dinner.

Roostica. Roostica has an “organic chicken” special Sundays. In addition to their spaghetti and gravy specialty. I enjoyed the organic chicken again. A tasteful dish. It has to be the “organic” factor in addition to spicing that makes the chicken so tasty.

I am Italo-American My people from the Naples region. Pasta was big in my home as I grew up. Twice a week. Wednesday night and Sunday.

We called it “sauce.” The first time I heard “sauce” was when Roostica opened. Since then I have learned many people are aware of it as sauce. Depends on the region of the U.S. they come from.

It is getting a bit cool in Key West. Days ok. In the mid 70’s. Nights not good. Last night, 69 degrees. I got the quilt out of the closet.

The media reports South Florida is “shivering” from below normal temperatures for mid November.

Not so much from the cold up north. More from a “disturbance” which has developed in the Atlantic. Could finally become a tropical storm or hurricane. Too soon for further accuracy. The projection is a 40-60 percent chance for a hurricane.

Or, it could be the disturbance will continue northwest and then turn northward in the Atlantic never reaching land.

Hurricane season technically ends November 30. There have been years however when we have experienced storms after that date.

Syracuse University is experiencing “racial” problems. Six racial incidents in 10 days. Anti-black, anti-Jew, anti-African Americans.

A problem at a fraternity. As result all fraternities have been prohibited from having any events for the rest of the semester.

The students are protesting on University grounds and inside buildings. They have delivered a set of 18 short and long term demands. The University is required to respond in 2 days by November 20. Otherwise, the Chancellor will be called upon to resign.

The University is concerned. It does not want a Kent State on their hands.

I was a student at Syracuse from 1957-1960. No one protested anything. Protests did not bloom till the mid to late 1960’s and were a result of the Vietnam War.

Those attending Syracuse during my era were there to get an education. Period. We concerned ourselves with nothing else.

Came the mid 1980’s and I was Chairman of the Law School Board of Visitors. We had a great Dean. He was Jewish, though I did not know it nor do I think anyone else did. And if anyone was aware, they did not care.

Till an episode occurred.

The Dean had a private bathroom. To get to it one had to go through his private office and lounge. To get to his office, one had to be admitted by anyone of several staff who faithfully guarded his office.

A person did get in. Determined later to have been a student. He wrote on the bathroom mirror “Jew go home.”

The Dean was irritated big time. Properly so. He resigned.

The Board did not want him to leave. He had already gone. We brought him back immediately to New York City. New York City rather than Syracuse itself because most of the Board members were from New York and it was easier to swiftly get everyone together.

One of the New Yorkers was CEO of a major bank. We met in the bank’s board room. On the top floor of a tall building. Glass window walls all around. I could not help thinking I had finally made it!

Anyhow, it was a battle. The Dean was adamant. He would not return.

The reason we wanted him back was that in our combined experiences as students, attorneys and Board members we had never had such a skilled and quality Dean.

After about 5 hours of beating the Dean up, he agreed to return.

The Jew go home thing was handled quietly. I have always wanted to write a story about it. It began in Belgium, money involved and federalism.

Some day.

Another politically exciting week ahead. More Congressional hearings. They begin at 9 tomorrow morning. Eight witnesses covering the week.

As good as it gets. I love politics. I will be glued to the TV all day.

What better way to end today’s blog than with Mickey Mouse!

It was this day in 1928. Mickey Mouse made his film debut in the “Steamboat Willie” cartoon. Had sound and music.

It was a success! Walt Disney’s first cartoon success!

Sound was new at the time.

Something I did not know and perhaps many of you were unaware, Mickey’s voice was that of Walt Disney.

Enjoy your day!




  1. We called it “sauce.” The first time I heard “sauce” was when Roostica opened.

    Perhaps you meant to say -we called it gravy?

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