An exceptional evening last night. A big day ahead. Followed by Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou this evening.

Joined Dueling Bartenders last night. Terri singing. Joined by Rick Dery.

Both exceptional.

Donna appeared. She looked terrific! Donna has been sick the past 2 months. Broken knee, some serious stomach problems, etc. She apparently has made a full recovery. It showed in her face and personality.

Lynda and Bob Frechette listening to Terri also. A great couple! We have become good friends over the years.

Enjoyed a diet soda with Mary. Stayed about an hour. All I could take. Not drinking still bothers me. It is hard to be in a bar and not drink, though I am doing good. It seems like everyone is having fun, but me.

Left early for dinner at La Trattoria with Mary. Carrie bartending.

Met an interesting young lady. Her name Fanny. She was seated next to Mary.

Fanny lovely. Young. No more than 25, if at all.

Fanny’s home is Marseille. She left France following graduation to take a position in San Francisco. She is involved with robots. A sale engineer with a firm that is in the commercial robot field.

She has to be a smart lady.

In Key West for vacation. From here to Montreal to visit her sister when she leaves. Then back to work in San Francisco. A lot of traveling.

I live and learn. I asked where she was staying. Turned out she is “couchsurfing.” A new term for me.

Couchsurfing is an international organization. Twelve million strong. Puts tourists/travelers together with a couch in someone’s home. No charge. Fanny sleeping on a couch in someone’s home in Key west.

While I was eating, someone tapped my shoulder. John from the Chart Room. He was with a lovely young lady. He always is. She goes by Downtown Julie Brown. Julie has lived in Key West quite a while. Involved in all kinds of business pursuits.

I started working on this blog at 5 this morning. Hopefully will be done or close to done by 9. I want to spend the day sitting leisurely before the TV set watching the Congressional Committee hearings.

I am a political junkie!

The President keeps digging a deeper hole for himself. His tweets are helping to bury him. His problem. He refuses to learn.

The hearings also are burying him. Staff people standing up. Not 2 bit politicians acting with bravado and saying nothing.

Trump’s 2 hour Walter Reed Hospital visit saturday leaves me with questions. An early start on his yearly physical? We are being bullshitted.

I assume he had chest pains. Understandable with the pressure he continues to be under.

A 2 hour hospital visit enough time to run necessary tests. I was in the hospital a couple of weeks ago with chest pains.

Blood work, urine, a chest x-ray and ekg.

He  must have passed and was sent home. Probably aggravation, stress, etc. We have all been there.

It bothers me how the doctors handle Trump. His doctor when he was running wrote a short letter saying the man was in the best of health. The Navy Captain or Admiral who was his White House doctor lied for him. Now, I suspect the Walter Reed people also.

The walls are closing in on  Trump. The noose getting tighter. He is Humpty Dumpty. Falling. Not yet completely down. When he does hit, it will be impossible to put him together. Just like Humpty Dumpty: “Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall / Humpty Dumpty had a great fall / All the horses and all the king’s men could not put Humpty together again.”

Trump advised over the weekend he was considering testifying in person or by written answers before the Congressional Committee.

Don’t hold your breath!

Trump continues to change his mind, flip sides, etc. The most recent example is his position on flavored e-cigarettes. He came out opposed.

The New York Times and Washington Post announced over the weekend Trump was back pedaling and backing off from his initial position.

Trump was made aware by some that he could lose the vapor vote in key swing states.

At least Trump is consistent. He always does what is good for Donald, not the people he was elected to protect.

Secretary of State Michael Pompeo has many of Trump’s characteristics. Some even worse.

He is a total failure as far as working with and protecting State Department employees.

Tom Friedman noted it clearly in his New York Time’s column yesterday. Referred to Pompeo as “cowardly” and “self-serving.”

Pompeo was first in his class at West Point. Impressive! Apparently only as to true academic courses. Friedman says Pompeo “must have flunked all his courses on ethics and leadership.” He fails to look out for his “soldiers” in the State Department.

Friedman advises he would not want to be in a trench with Pompeo: “Watch your own backs because Pompeo won’t.”

Tonight Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. Join me for a quick moving interesting half hour.

I love to rant and rave! Tuesday Talk gives me the opportunity.

Enjoy your day!


    • That area of Upstate NY, from Syracuse to Albany and Troy is probably the most racist, by far, in all of the north east. It’s a major “Proud Boys” stronghold.

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