Before some of you get your dander up, the words are not mine. They are however those of another Catholic. Catherine O’Neill.

O’Neill is the President of Catholics for Trump, an authorized Trump campaign committee. She is the daughter of the major Trump donor George O’Neill, Jr. He is the one who helped connect Russian spy Maria Butina to prominent Republican leaders, including at events surrounding the National Prayer Breakfast.

Catherine O’Neil recently tweeted: “You cannot be Catholic and be a Democrat — pass it on.”

As in the United States and many other countries, there is a political split within the Catholic Church. Right and liberal. The right mostly far right. Conservative to the extreme.

They would rather concern themselves with selecting Supreme Court Justices than feeding the poor and caring for the needy.

A member of the Trump Campaign Committee recently said, “You’ve got a non-Catholic in Donald Trump who’s delivering on Catholic social teaching and principles.”

He deludes himself.

I am opposed to religion’s participation in government. Religion belongs in churches and not Washington.

What happened to Jesus’ words that there is room for everyone in my Father’s house?

The hero of the Catholic right and Evangelists is Trump. What about the Tenth Commandment? Thou shalt not kill. How can Trump’s responsibility for the death of thousands in the coronavirus scandal not affect even Republican judgments?

The opening prayer at the recent Republican Convention was given by New York’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan. He did not belong there. A priest with much fewer credentials fine. However not one the leaders of the Catholic Church in the U.S.

The Catholic Bishops in America is located in Washington, D.C. From which it lobbies for their beliefs. My problem is their beliefs are not that of all Catholics. I don’t think even half. What the group lobbies for is not consistent with my beliefs.

The Catholic right is opposed to Pope Francis. They are trying to take him down. The Catholic Bishops group among those trying.

On the Board of O’Neill’s Catholics for Trump sits Newt Gingrich. A minor player in politics today. A wannabe who seeks the power he had 30 years ago. Gingrich’s wife is the U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican. So appointed by Trump.

Neither friends of Francis.

Catholics for Trump do not support Francis’ Papacy either. On the organization’s website is a letter penned by Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, the discredited former Papal Nuncio to the U.S. who previously called for Francis’ resignation. The Archbishop is widely heralded by many right wing Catholics as leading the resistance to Francis’ Papacy.

Lurking in the background is Steve Bannon. He wants to upset the established Catholic government and replace it with a new one. He seeks the dumping of Francis also.

Trump beams. The Catholic Church supports me! He says he is the best President the Catholic Church has ever had.

Excuse my repetitiveness. I oppose any religion’s intrusion into or active participation in government. It could lead to a modern day Spanish Inquisition. Don’t say no. Did you ever think we would have a President like Trump?

Today is a solemn one in American history. Represents a modern day attack on American citizens on American shores.

September 11, 2001.

It could happen again. World wide every country is mad at us. Especially China, North Korea and Iran. China and North Korea are capable of dropping ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads on our cities. I question whether we have the defensive capacity to thwart those missiles.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Lou, Catholics really aren’t catholics any more. They just belong to a Catholic church.

    Don’t forget, the mob was mostly Catholic, and they wore the Catholic Cross when they wacked somebody, then forgotaboutit and had dinner.

  2. What kind of “stable genius” would allow Bob Woodward, the guy responsible for bringing down President Richard Nixon, to record 18 hours of a candid interview?

  3. Trump tried to incite PANIC today on FOX news over imagined election night riots.

    He doesn’t seem to have any fears of creating PANIC when he thinks it suits HIM.

  4. What is it with Trump’s personal attacks on Kamala Harris? Is it because she’s black, or because she’s a woman, or is it because she told him no!

  5. ”And, like it or not, there is every indication that many Americans, or at least their current leaders, are willing to accept 40,000 new cases and 1,000 deaths a day. They have grown inured to the numbers. They are impatient with lockdowns. They have politicized masks.”

  6. Trump again today insisted that all schools open and that it is mandatory, regardless of the fact that his own son is not attending school.

    Life is cheap!

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