Earlier this week when Trump’s “losers” and “suckers” came out re the military, I did not think there was anything worse that Trump could say or do.

I was wrong! Big time! Sixty to eighty thousand deaths worth.

Trump knew early on concerning the dangerous and deadly aspects of coronavirus. Instead, he told us the virus was nothing, would pass, “was going to disappear,” and would “all work out fine.”

His silence and malfeasance in handling this monstrous problem has resulted in thousands of deaths. For which he is solely responsible!

It is fortunate Bob Woodward was permitted to tape his meetings with Trump. No way Trump can lie his way out of this one.

Carl Bernstein wrote that what occurred was the “greatest Presidential felony.” Too bad Trump cannot be indicted for negligence or something similar for his failure to make us aware and for the lies he told.

It is absolutely amazing! Trump knew weeks before the first confirmed U.S. death that coronavirus was “more deadly” than the flu. Instead of being truthful with the American people, he played it down publicly.

His excuse for not telling was he did not want to “panic” the American people. He kept the knowledge.

The experts say that if Trump had warned us in early February, a strict shutdown, consistent messaging to wear masks and social distancing, could have been imposed nationally. Thousands of Americans who died from the virus would still be alive. Instead, he sent many Americans blindly to their deaths.

If a stimulus bill does come out this week, it will not contain the $1,200 stimulus as the last major bill did. It will however protect corporations/employers against workers compensation claims for employees injured on the job because of the virus. Coverage is remotely possible under a number of conditions which will be for most impossible to have complied with.

A mangling of workers compensation laws.

This day a big one in my lifetime experience. September 10. Irma hit the Keys Septembr 10, 2017.

Taught me respect for nature. Gave me the opportunity to experience the goodness of people.

Thank God for Jean and Joe Thornton who housed me for 12 days in their home in Birmingham. Me and several other evacuees from the storm.

In recent years, I have concluded that China had moved way ahead of the U.S. militarily. China also swiped one of our biggest businesses. Recall Trump said he would stop American companies from moving to foreign shores.

The Chinese company Haier bought General Electric in 2016. Manufacturing is still done in the U.S. However, GE’s home office is in China.

In a Miami Herald article yesterday, the paper asked where did all the tourists go? The paper’s answer: Over the weekend, they were in the Keys.

Terrific. Brought their coronavirus germs to us. Partied. Had a good time. Left not appreciating what they had done.

All because public officials from Trump down suck up to businesses. Especially bar and restaurant owners. They either failed to pass protective laws, or enforce the laws already passed.

Enjoy your day!







  1. Lou, so many people who visit this blog accuse your readers of “hating” trump, because we are “haters” and/or oppose his views and policies, or because he’s a Republican and we’re libtards.

    In truth he is regarded as a liar and a cheat and these more recent revelations of incredibly serious lies that Trump alone has made, to the peril of our Nation and it’s people clearly show that, once again.

    When will his blind supporters finally acknowledge his posiion and themselves help remove him from any office of influence so that our country van heal and recover?

    This is NOT political, this is real and it is +important.

  2. Whatdya mean Trump lied? He would never do that would he? Naw, his supporters will never believe that Lou. It must be fake news.

    Whatdya mean Woodward has recordings he’s sharing with the world and that it’s Trump’s voice. Naw, his supporters will listen to that.

    Whatdya mean he’ll lose supporters after he lies and lies and lies. Naw, his supporters will always believe anything he says or does. As Trump himself said, “I could walk out on 5th Avenue and shoot someone and not lose a single supporter.”

    As five-and-a-half-year old Edith Ann (Lilly Tomlin) said:
    “And that’s the truth – bbbbthhhhhhhhhh”

    Well Duh

  3. Donald Trump has to take much of the blame for mishandling the release of pandemic information to the public. But I wonder how you or I or some other President might have done it. Do you speak from the Oval Office and tell the public that a dangerous and deadly pandemic is coming and you can get it just by breathing it in? Do you admit that we don’t know how to stop it? How do you prevent a national panic.

    Lou suggests that Trump should have ordered a national shutdown in early February with mandatory wearing of masks and social-distancing. Do you remember that from January thru March the CDC, Dr Fauci and Dr Birx discouraged wearing masks, and said they weren’t necessary. They all admitted later that they were trying to direct the limited supply of masks to medical users, not the public. Social-distancing was not even a common term. It was mostly used as a way to identify people who were higher or lower on a social scale (richer vs poorer). When Trump banned flights from China on January 31 he was widely criticized for doing so. Joe Biden actively condemned the decision.A national shutdown? No country in the world had done that, and no one was recommending it.

    So what should Trump have said to announce the coming pandemic while avoiding public panic and directing preventative measures? We know what other Presidents did. Woodrow Wilson (Spanish Flu) never made a public comment in any form about the disease as it infected a quarter of Americans and killed 675 thousand of us. Instead he sent tightly packed troop ships off to the war in Europe. Dwight Eisenhower (Asian Flu) refused to back a government search for a vaccine. He believed the private sector would eventually find a vaccine, which it did, much too late to save many lives. Gerald Ford (Swine Flu) actually over-reacted by using emergency powers to push the development of a vaccine that later proved to be flawed, and many died from it.

    So, serious question. How would you, as President, have managed the disclosure To the public of the coming pandemic.

    • OMG – Totally NOT a serious question.

      You really are “No One” There is NOT enough tea in China to list here ‘some’ of the things he could have don and that’s not even some of the things he COULD have done. One would not have lied to the American public, another was not to have said it was all a Hoax perped by the Democrats to make him look bad.

      Anybody could go on for hours all of the things he shoulda/coulda done, other than a fool and a jerk like YOU trying to throw cover on an outright liar and con artist.

      And if you think that is calling you names unjustly, GFY.

      What Trump himself, the president of the United States of AMERICA would have called you had he, disagreed, would be far worse, as he so frequently does. He would say “you are stupid”

      No Body indeed!

      • Perhaps you should re-read my first and last sentences. Back in January was there a positive way he should have informed the public of the coming pandemic without causing a panic? I can think of several things he might have said or done better.

        • Stop trying to twist everything to provide cover for a lie and now a cover up. He could have said bak then “Ladies and Gentlemen, I have just been briefed about a serious flu virus in China that will probably make its ways to our shores soon and we need to get prepared to fight it. I have instructed my people to make every necessary effort to prevent it spreading and make every possible preparation to fight it should it come to our shores. Rest azzured we will do everything we can to fight and solve this possible problem, etc., etc., etc. Thank you and good night.”

          You are a tool and a fool if you don’t think something like that could have and should have been done.

          Furthermore, do you actually believe him NOW about him lying THEN, so as not to panic everybody? Just as likely he’s lying NOW about that too, considering he lies about EVERYTHING. That makes you a dupe as well as a fool and a twofer fool of a tool.

          Stop waisting our time with these lame FOX news talking points you are so quick to believe. It makes you a therefer fool. If yo really want to believe this stuff fine, go to the Proud Boys site and have at it and stop trying to play with real Americans who don’t buy your sh*t.

          • Hey Karen. I like your wording that Trump might have used. It would have made for a much smoother preparation for what was to come. Better to tell some bad stuff up front and let people get used to the idea.

            As for covering for Trump, maybe you, too, should re-read my first sentence above. History will not be kind to Trump for his initial handling of the pandemic.

            • No-One. Don’t pretend this is not your first post, or we don’t remember some of the other kind to Trump posts you’ve posted in the past, either. I’ve read your first and last paragraphs and they’re not that clever. Perhaps you really don’t want to insist your innocence so strenuously and be proven a Trump fool.

      • Here’s the announcement from President Ray Bradbury:
        “Something wicked this way comes”

        This one from President John Wayne:
        Ya better get to higher ground, Pilgrim

        And from Master Yoda:
        “A disturbance in the Force, I fear”

        • OK, JG, we have a serious problem where the President of the United States lies to the American people about what is probably the single biggest problem during his presidency, causing enormous loss of life. Then now is using a lame cover story (another lie) to defuse or cover that up and YOU want to pontificate with some nearly incomprehensible movie dialog bull sh*t to burnish your suck up creds with Lou? Get real, or at least stop spending so much of your time with Sandy Feets.

          • Jeeze! All I did was post a humorous (I thought) reply to the OP. Got a ton of hate back. Where does that even have anything to do with my reply? Otherwise, I have nothing to add on this subject.

            • Yes JOHN they have hate in this One Human Family Town. Even I was hatted and I did not say a word. They are from the same cloth as the RICH kids arrested in NYC riots. White spoiled RICH Kids being destructive from Rich families of KW. Now when is HRC getting her Nobel prize for peace. Showing their true colors.

              • Sandy Feet is a longtime troll on this blog with a history of vulgarity, racism, hate speech and false information, say nothing of complete dishonesty. Some think he’s actually one of those Russian disinformation bots. Either way, he’s everybody’s waste of time and intelligence, even when not inebriated.

            • Maybe your post was humorous, who can tell? Looked and sounded like bait to me, pompous bait.

              Then there is your regular habit of clever posting here to provide cover for Trump, whenever he gets caught doing something horrible, LIKE NOW.

              And don’t be so high and mighty about anyone sending YOU criticism snowflake. If you’d pissed off your buddy Trump, he’d been calling you “stupid” and a “low achiever” at the beginning of this post and probably trying to get you fired from your job too. Hate starts with him, not me.

  4. One TV expert said that if the Country had locked down and masked up and tested for a month right at the start we would have snuffed out covid.

  5. Let’s see. The bombing of Pearl Harbor. Did President Rosevelt brush that off as the sinking of a couple of rowboats. Not even close. He rallyed the American people to fight an enemy.

    On 9/11 did President Bush try to fool Americans calling the terrorist attacks a couple of planes that bumped into some buildings. Of course not. He was straight with us. He rally’ed the people and there are a load of terrorists feeding the fish.

    The problem with The Donald is he thinks the people, even his supporters are stupid. He thinks he might not get re-elected if he told the truth, so he lies thinking no one will never know any better.

    And it was lies after lies to cover up lies. let’s say in April, he couldn’t come out and say anything different or be caught in his lies.

    Someone asked what anyone else would have done as Prisident. Alfred E Newman could have been sitting in the oval office and done a better job than Trump. All Trump did was lie about it and after he lied, he couldn’t do anything but try to follow his lies with inefecfive policy. Anything anyone did would have been better than what the Donald did.

    Perhaps “Well Duh” is right. Perhaps Trumps supporters will support him no matter how much of a failure he is. But I don’t think so this time. How can anyone turn a blind eye to Trump’s incompetence.

    Haven’t you had enough

    • Well said and spot on, Enough!

      Except for the part about Trump ‘thinking’ his supporters are stupid (his word’, there ARE! The proof of that is evident with so many of their posts on this blog alone. They come on this, a hostile environment at best and try and make excuses for him, never acknowledging his lies and manipulations, only trying to convince Lou and his followers that trump ALWAYS does the right thing. Then going ballistic when caught lying (or grandstanding) themselves.

      Can’t fix stupid. Turning a blind eye is one thing, trying to convince the world that he’s right or didn’t do anything wrong is not.

  6. I had to go back to my own post to find the part where I covered for Trump or said he didn’t do anything wrong. I can’t find it. In fact I said he mishandled the release of pandemic info to the public, and he has to take much of the blame for it, and history will not be kind to him for lying about it. What part of that is cover for Trump?

    Pearl Harbor and 9/11 are not comparable of course because those events happened without any prior warning. At least we think so. There are conspiracy theories about each event that say our govt knew in advance. Some say Roosevelt had prior warning about the attack on Pearl Harbor. Who knows?

    • You are full of Trojan Horse logic. Probably intentionally with clever wording and suggestions.

      “But I wonder how you or I or some other President might have done it.”

      That is a question that doesn’t need to be asked, unless you meant “Give him a break, what else could he have done.”

      You have been providing excuses for Trump for several months with past posts. Now you want to be taken seriously? If you want to pull the wool ove+r peoples eyes, post on right wing blogs where people are far more likely to believe push political statements.

  7. It is truly laughable how hard some people will work to find some subtle or non-existent meaning in a simple straightforward sentence. If one of those readers who are not welcome on this blog were to say:

    “We are expecting rain showers this morning”

    I might think rain is expected. You would be more likely to believe the post is cover for Trump’s secret manipulation of the weather, which he lies about to keep Democrat’s from finding out about it.

    I am often invited by you and others to leave this blog for some right wing Blog that is full of people with extreme, and often wacky, political views, just like this one. But I will stay here for as long as Lou allows because, frankly, it is just too much fun to sit here and watch you people run around with your hair on fire and your panties in a wad.

    • Yeah? As expected you’d do – revealed yourself as a crank and an agitator, nothing more.

      You post phony questions just to be a pest and to start trouble, only so that you can complain later accusing everyone ELSE of being wrong.

      Enjoy your laugh, we’ve got your number.

      And remember, if any of us was Trump, we (as him) would call you stupid and try ad get you fired, Here, we just expose you for what you are and ‘request’ you go elsewhere if you don’t like it here.

      Adios again “No One”

  8. No One says “.. I will stay here for as long as Lou allows because, frankly, it is just too much fun to sit here and watch you people run around with your hair on fire and your panties in a wad.

    What are you in High School?

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