“They died together holding hands and walked into Heaven holding hands.” Words spoken by the son of a couple who recently died from coronavirus.

Johnny and Cathy Darlene Peoples were married 48 years. Resided in Rowan County, North Carolina. A close union. One son, 9 grandchildren.

They died within 4 minutes of each other holding hands.

They came down with coronavirus at the same time. Immediately into intensive care. Died 30 days later.

They were in separate rooms. The nurses knew death was imminent for both. Wheeled the wife’s bed into her husbands room. Placed the beds next to each other. Joined their hands together.

The husband died first. The wife 4 minutes later.

Their son said, “They died together holding hands and walked into Heaven holding hands.”

God could not have planned it better.

Wildfires have been destroying California and parts of Oregon and Washington for 3 weeks. Trump has basically ignored the 3 states. No federal aid for the natural disaster so far has been authorized by the President.

Some reporters suggest it is Trump getting even with California and its Governor Newsom. The reasons appear twofold. Newsom has been critical of Trump’s handling of the pandemic and California is a Democratic state that undoubtedly will vote for Biden in November.

Trump’s attitude appears to be why should I help them if they’re not going to help me. He forgets that once elected, he is President of ALL the people.

This is the third consecutive year California has had to endure these wildfires. Experts already are saying this year’s is the third worst ever. If it continues as it is, might end up the worst.

Trump says California fails to care for the forests as they should. He says, “You gotta clean your floor…..sweep the ground.” In other words, sweep up the branches and leaves on the ground.

Experts do not agree with Trump. The problem is climate caused, they say. The last 3 summers in California have been unusually hot. This year the summer heat the worst. Some days 120-130 degrees.

No rain, of course. The trees got dry. Heat in the high temperature levels causes lightning. Big time multiple lightning strikes. The lightning sparks the dry trees. Such the cause of the fires.

More raking is not going to solve the problem.

Finland had wildfire problems in past years. They were able to solve it. Trump spoke with Finland’s President and shared his theory that the unraked ground was the cause. Trump said Finland’s President said the same thing caused the Finland fires. They raked and no more fires.

Finland’s President issued a statement saying he had said no such thing to Trump.

An interesting side point is that most of California’s forests are federally managed. Trump may not be aware. I am sure the feds have neither raked or swept the woodlands they manage.

Governor Cuomo deserves much credit. He brought what was an out of control coronavirus epidemic under control. Conceded, Cuomo at first did not recognize the danger involved. He quickly learned however and took control.

New York is in great shape.This is he 4th consecutive week that the coronavirus infection rate is under one percent. Seven tenths of a point in the City and nine tenths of a point in the State.

Cuomo attacked the virus with a vengeance. He went to war. Not in words. Actually. Got the job done.

Trump talks a good game and accomplishes nothing, unless you consider 193,000 dead so far success.

The comments to this blog are a story unto themselves. I have some very astute intelligent readers and some much less than. They all write. Argue with each other.

I love it!

Some days the comments are more interesting than my blog.

A comment last week brought to my attention that Chuck Yeager and Orville Wright had met. How could it be, I thought. Orville and Wilbur flew for the first time in 1903. Yeager a World War II ace who was the first to break the sound barrier.

Turns out Orville lived to 1948.

They were together on two instances. For lunch at a 1945 air show. Then again sometime between the end of World War II and 1948 when Orville died.

It is said Orville was impressed that Yeager had broken the sound barrier. Amazing! Yeager had to be impressed that Orville and his brother built and flew the first airplane.

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  1. The problems we are having is not only California, but now Washington and Oregon as well as Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas, all because of Climate change, that could have been mitigated, perhaps avoided.

    For those in denial, thanks a lot.

    Thing is, we’re all going to pay. California alone pumps more money into the Federal Government than any other state and if they’re not healthy, the rest of the country will suffer.

    Trump thinks he’s clever with denying California it’s due, but he’s wrong most of the time and will be found wrong on that front as well, which means bad news for the rest of us. Stop and think for a minute what California alone provides for the rest of the country and then mull what of that you will be willing to give up.

    It might be smarter to just give up Trump.

    • Climate change is an easy explanation for the current fire crisis in the Pacific Northwest. Too easy. While climate change has to be included, there are other significant problems. There are 147 million dead trees either standing or on the ground in California alone. This is largely due to infestation of the pine beetle and periods of drought during the past 50 years. Logging operations, which might have cleared areas of excess forestation, were cut by as much as 80 percent to protect the habitat of the spotted owl. There is way too much fuel on the ground. Anyone who knows about CA forests will tell you that they have been badly mismanaged, both by the state and by the US forest service. Politicians will never agree on a fix, so the forests will continue to burn.

  2. We have very few firers of this magnitude in Alaska and other cooler places, where there are far worse conditions on the ground as listed above. Nor were there these kind of fires in these same, or worse kind of conditions in California in the past. Same goes for the gulf regions where the weather storms are significantly worse. In both cases experts all agree that global warming has caused a game change of these enormus and more frequent storms we now see, creating global catastrophes of seismic proportions.

    The one thing that is common however, is we still have a huge number of people, like the person who posted above who originally denied this was even happening, then later, after it was too obvious to ignore any longer, spending all their time trying to deny anything can be done about it or obfuscate it’s existence by trying to make excuses for it’s existence other than what the experts seem to all agree are the real causes, standing in the way of doing anything about it.

    We can’t fix the problem any better than we can fix the “stupid” amongst those that fight to deny the problem and/or it’s causes, even now when it’s results, as predicted by sane people, is becoming apoplectic, making their sad excuses mostly just embarrazzing.

  3. I said at the beginning of my post above that climate change has to be considered as part of the mix of problems affecting our forests. But climate change is nowhere near the root cause. The root cause is the clash of ideologies between environmentalists, the timber industry, private owners, state fire management agencies (CAL Fire), US Forest Service, National Park Service, the Department of the Interior and many more interested and vocal parties.

    I know what I am talking about. I own a home in the Sierras east of Fresno and a bit east of Oakhurst. My family members evacuated from the house five days ago. Our house and neighboring houses are now several miles inside the perimeter of the Creek Fire, and the entire area has been burned over. Our house is reported to be still standing, having been saved by firefighters in an overnight battle two nights ago. It is currently being protected by hotshot teams from Boise, Idaho. THANK YOU FIREFIGHTERS!

    My family has occupied that house for 45 years. We have witnessed every moment of the bumbling and stumbling of usually well meaning groups and agencies who proclaim they can save the forests, only to make the situation worse. The forests have been terribly mismanaged, and most of the blame falls on the weak and ineffective California legislature. Yes, I mean the current Governor and those who preceded him. I am quick to acknowledge that the US Government owns more than half of California’s forest land. But responsible management starts at home, not in some government office 2400 miles away.

    Call me Fed Up.

    • And by the way, the “experts” do not agree on much of anything. You can’t even get a bunch of experts to agree that the Saints were robbed of a trip to the Super Bowl.

      • Yes, the REAL experts do agree, it’s only when you include the wacko experts and those with and agenda that you get opposing views.

        Same goes with politicians, It IS true that we can’t seem to get “politicians’ to agree an a fix” due I think because of people like the poster constantly denying the real problem to begin with. Trying to obfuscating everything with denial and excuses, like California’s forest management issues, when in plain site Oregon and Washington are also in trouble with fires and the Gulf is on fire with wind and rain.

        The root of this problem is excuses and denial, nothing more!

    • Sorry to hear about your house, but I don’t see where that changes anything to do with the cause of this problem. The problem is far greater than your house and whatever the tragedy you are going through. You chose to ignore my original post in his ‘denial’ dance. It is NOT just the fires in California that are the problem, but the fires in Washington and Oregon, as well as the huge storms in the Caribbean and especially the Gulf region.

      • The fact that you’ve had prolonged weather in excess of 110 degrees, has nothing to do with your local or even statewide excuses for the real and larger problem for the entire west coast, that doesn’t seem to have effected anybody else apart from Florida and the Gulf, also having extreme heat issues and catastrophic weather related problems.

        Your defeatist attitude blaming EVERYBODY else is not just costing you now, it is keeping the rest of us from doing anything about the problem.

        Stop denying everything, Stop making excuses for the real problems. It’s not just you, we in the Keys and the people in Puerto Rico had huge total destruction too, which believe it or not had NOTHING to do with California policy.

      • I mentioned my house, not to garner sympathy, but to show that I have first hand knowledge about forest management in the Pacific Northwest. In a word, it sucks. I also have family members in both Oregon & Washington with similar problems and opinions (yes, we are family that loves the northwest).

        I don’t pay a lot of attention to Trump’s pronouncements, etc. But because of my interest in the fires, I learned that three weeks ago Trump granted Gov Newsom’s request for a national emergency declaration to help California in the firefight. There have also been fire fighting grants from FEMA. There is outside aid coming in from the feds and others. The Idaho hotshots protecting my house are just one example. So I’m not sure where reports of Trump withholding aid are coming from.

        I have no problem with blaming climate change for many of the world’s problems. There is a definite correlation for some disasters, but not all. However, i would respectfully suggest that you pick somewhere else as an example for natural disasters due to climate change. You simply don’t have enough knowledge of the history and ongoing disputes and very strong arguments on both sides of the forest management issues throughout the northwest. Argue climate change elsewhere where it might be better received.

        If you are so inclined, google a map of current fires burning from Southern California all the way up through British Columbia. Notice that the fires stop at the Canadian border or just to the north of the border. Why? Does climate change stop at the border? Or is Canada doing a much better job of forest management than we are?

        • You miss the point altogether – it is not about you, it is about a much larger problem and making excuses or denying it, is the problem. Your myopic and local problems are not helping. I doubt BC has the heat issues you are seeing, nor is Alaska. Without your incendiary heat, you wouldn’t be in the pickle you are in. Stop wimping out because you can’t find an expert who will give you an instant solution and forget about politicians and start listening to those experts how have the training to make reasonable solutions and get it done. I remember when LA was written off smog wise. We could see the problem from Riverside. Everybody said it was hopeless and that the experts were full of sh*t, including Ronald Reagan. Guess what, it’s been made livable. Climate Change can be helped too, if we agree it’s a problem and we CAN do something if we stop denying it and do something more about it. Instead of being smart azzed denialists.

          BTW, Trump himself is the one who’s saying he’s denying California any aid.

          • I think we just crossed into the Twilight Zone here. Are you seriously suggesting that the US has fires because of climate change, but Canada doesn’t because it’s cooler there? Really? Do you know that Canada is taking action against climate change from coast to coast? Do you know that Barrow, Alaska, on the edge of the arctic sea is fighting the effects of climate change, and is providing scientists with valuable data? Do you really believe that forest fires only happen in warm climates?

            I believe most Americans, including me, believe that climate change is severely impacting the country. And we are not prepared for it. But it is not helpful to claim that an unusually hot summer in California, or Houston or Philadelphia is the result of climate change. Or even an extra hurricane in the Caribbean. Do you know the difference between climate and weather?

            If you want to discuss the impact of climate change, go to Vanuatu or one of the other island nations facing rising sea levels that threaten to drown them. But I wouldn’t suggest that you drive through my scorched neighborhood and tell people there how all of that destruction was caused by climate change. You might not want to hear their reaction.

            • It is also not helpful to characterize prolonged 110+ degree days as “warm” just to make a point.

              California, Oregon and Washington are suffering what what must be called prolonged extreme heat wave, Not “warm” or even “hotter than normal.” Areas north of there (Canada, Alaska) are not anywhere near that hot. Yes I believe that is a major contributing factor (both places) and so does everybody else.

              Your scorched neighborhood was destroyed by fire, nothing else. But to suggest that fire was independent of unusually intense weather and that climate change (Global Warming) had nothing to do with that, is either blind, manipulative or dishonest. I suspect the people that live where this happened know that and think you are a freak and a tool for trying to deny that.

              Your hair is on fire

            • I am a fire fighter, not on the west coast, but in New England. As a fire fighter I can tell you that the single greatest threat to us is hot dry conditions. If we have that around here, we will always have an increase in fires period, and not just in the forests either.

              To suggest that the west coast wasn’t just that with the hot spell they were having, is just ludicrous. To deny that Global Warming wasn’t directly contributing to that is also crazy, ignorant or maybe intentional.

              • I wonder what firefighters in New England would think if they had to deal with the following:
                127 million dead and dying trees in California forests (BLM estimate)
                Clearing and disposal of dead trees and undergrowth prohibited by law
                Logging industry shut down to the point that they can no longer help effectively.
                Absolutely no clear cutting.
                Building fire roads and preventative dozer cuts prohibited by numerous regulations
                Infestation of pine beetles that kill millions of trees
                Sweeping regulations intended to protect spotted owl habitat
                Recent periods of drouth and hot temps (weather, not necessarily climate change)
                Private property owners hampered by conflicting regulations.

                When all of these issues can be eliminated or fixed, then we can talk about what’s left. And that would be climate change.

                • It doesn’t matter if there are 127 million or 400,000 billion dead or dying trees, in California or in New England, British Columbia, Alaska or anywhere else. The risk of fire is drastically increased when there is hot and dry conditions PERIOD. The extreme and prolonged heat in California and other parts of the west coast were those exact conditions, brought on by Climate Change and Global Warming.

                  Deny it if you want, but looks what happens when you do.

                  Make excuses if you want instead, but look what happen when you do.

                  Wake up, do something, even if that’s only stop denying the reality, or parish.

    • Again, Trump embarra**es America. We are the laughing stock of the world. When will those in America that think he’s great, wake up?

  4. Don’t wait until your house catches on fire to stop denying Climate Change. IT is the cause of these problems and those that predicted this ARE the real experts, stop listening to those that are denying it – they are the charlatans. This sh*t ain’t a metaphor any more, it’s attacking America all over the place.

    Don’t deny, do something (btw – complaining on Lou’s blog is not something)

  5. Recently, there was much praise for Trump in pinning the Congressional Medal of Honor on a serviceman for acts of heroism. I offer the following:

    Service to country was beneath Trump- a rich kid of privilege- Trump mused in an interview with Howard Stern how he should have received a medal for all the screwing he did while lesser fortunate kids fought and died. In a previously unreported 1998 interview with Howard Stern, Donald Trump compared sex to going to battle in Vietnam and joked he should be getting the Congressional Medal of Honor. That is what Trump really thinks of this high honor often bestowed on those who perished.

      • I think “JustSaying” post was about Trump being dishonorable on the subject, not if he (or others)actually “served” in the military as such. Although there is that too.

        Can you list ANY other Presidents that approach Trump’s blatant dishonor for service to his country?

        Has there EVER been any President in America’s history with so vocal and public disdain and mockery for both his and others who have or have not served?

        Pleas reread “JustSayin’s” post, I think she has it just about right, as usual.

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