Words of wisdom sometimes come from the strangest source. Occasionally, touched with humor.

One of the best were statements uttered by Yogi Berra. For example: “It ain’t over till it’s over.” Or: “You better cut the pizza in four pieces because I’m not hungry enough to eat six.”

The best of the best: “Always go to other people’s funerals, otherwise they won’t come to yours.”

Another DeSantis act of stupidity: Removal of books from classrooms and school libraries. Anathema. Especially where the removal is via the complaint of one parent and generally immediate.

Arizona nuttiness continues. Arizona Republicans voted YES for a bill that would make it legal to kill migrants suspected of trespassing. Great article by Bess Levin in the 4/1 edition of Vanity Fair. If such becomes law, it will give a “green light to more extrajudicial killings” in Arizona.

Step on my front lawn and you’re dead! Sick!!!

Today’s podcast some six years old. Based on a Biblical term: “I was hungry and you fed me.” Reflective of Key West’s big heart.



Trump found a California billionaire to finance his $175 million bond. Don Hanley who made his fortune offering high interest auto loans to persons with poor credit.

Trump lies again. At a campaign rally tuesday in Michigan, he denounced “Biden’s border bloodbath.” He zeroed in on the case of a young woman killed by a person or persons who entered the U.S. illegally. The victim was 25 year old Ruby Garcia.

Trump said, “I spoke to some of her family.

Garcia’s sister, acting as a family spokeswoman, said it never happened. Trump never talked to any family member. She rebuked Trump’s effort to lie and make the case a political one.

Religion and politics do not mix. Like oil and water. The Oklahoma Supreme Court is considering approving the nation’s first religious charter school. Direct funding by the State of religious education.

Religion in the U.S. and world wide historically has been a disastrous move. It has no place in government.

Will we ever learn?

The Columbine High School shooting occurred in 1999. Since then, more than 360,000 students have experienced school gun violence. The figure represents the number of students who were exposed in 394 separate shootings.

It goes on. There appears to be no cessation.  It is time for government to be more effective than it has been since 1999. The NRA is at its weakest at the moment. The government should jump on the issue and not let up till success has been achieved.

Enjoy your day!

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