Biden’s age continues to be an issue. Can’t understand it. Trump is only 3 years younger.. Both are “too old” if age is a significant criteria.

Frank Bruni hit the issue correctly. The Presidency is not a one person job. It is a general manager/ captain/ coach position. The President assembles a team and comes up with a plan.

That is how the Presidency works.

Biden put together a great cabinet and others quickly 3 years ago. Seven and one half years ago, Trump put together a band of conniving performers.

Says it all!

The Palestinian, Gaza, Hamas problem must be resolved. It is harming even the good. Biden is taking a beating. Americans have stood with Israel since its birth. Biden’s loyalty must have an ending point.

Netanyahu is carrying  “retribution” too far. I believe for personal selfish reasons. He probably will lose office when the war ends. He will also face criminal charges and tried for matters not related to the Hamas induced problem.

The war against Hamas cannot be won by the mass killing of innocents nor starvation. Netanyahu has added starvation to his bombing onslaught. Humanity will not tolerate a massacre by starvation. There is an increasing concern by world citizens. The concern will in due course take its toll on Netanyahu’s extreme method.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. supporters are divided between Biden and Trump. How can voters like Kennedy? He is a first class nut. His positions worse even than those of Trump.

People who like Kennedy are mostly being attracted by his name and his father. Junior is neither a Kennedy at heart nor his father in any fashion. 

Yesterday was a beautiful one weather wise. So much so that I spent a couple of hours at Higgs Beach. Mid-80’s, sun beating down. There was a wind. A strong one. Caused waves and blowing sun umbrellas. The wind was sufficiently strong that the umbrellas eventually could not be used.

Today is different. The temperature is in the low 70’s. It feels cool. The wind stronger than yesterday. Sky totally covered with gray clouds. What a difference a day makes!

Enjoy your day!

3 comments on “BIDEN’S AGE

  1. Louis –

    Great cabinet? Maybe in his kitchen!! Have you been watching the border, trains derailing, airplane parts falling from the sky, the complete debacle withdrawing from Afghanistan, bridges collapsing, rising crime in every city in America, inflation through the ceiling, etc. etc.?

    While it may not be Trump, Biden and his band of nitwits are certainly not the answer either.

    Glad your enjoying Higgs the way you used to.

  2. Nonsense Sam – you clearly are not an honest person. Perhaps you should troll somewhere else, where gullible or uninformed people would appreciate your lies and distortions.

    • I disagree with you Andy, I think the person (or Russian bot) who originally posted the response to Lou’s blog, criticizing Biden, should be encouraged to keep it up. It clearly shows how ill informed and obviously dishonest any opposition to the way things really are, is willing to cheat and lie in order to make his (her?) point and insult Lou or his readers.

      This lunatic’s lying comments here go a long way in proving his (her?) hate and personal stupidity and only help everyone to disapprove of anyone and everyone who apposes true American reality and honest values.

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