Tourism fluctuates in Key West. The population moves up and down depending on the time of the year. 

The “season” ends Easter Sunday. When I first began visiting Key West in the early 1990’s, half the visitors left Easter Sunday. The other half one week later. Within one week of Easter Sunday, Key West was “dead” again. Remained so till Fantasy Fest at the end of October. The purpose of Fantasy Fest was to attract tourists again to Key West.

There was a saying back in those days that soon after Easter Sunday, you could throw a bowling ball down Duval Street and hit not one person. The street was deserted. Not so any longer. The “season” is now 12 months. However, the number of visitors fluctuates. We have a summer crowd for example. The town is not dead after Easter, though less in number.

I have been out yesterday and today. Two days post Easter. My estimate depending on the place, at least a 50 percent reduction in visitors. For some businesses, a dramatic down turn.

I have been visiting Higgs Beach this past week. Packed last week. Yesterday, the number of people cut in half. I visit Date and Thyme 6 days a week for my Monkey Smoothie. Cannot do it for seven. The place is closed sundays.

Last week, it was next to impossible to get a seat. Yesterday and today, no sweat. A dramatic drop in business. Considerably more than 50 percent.

My friend and landlord Steve Thompson left Key West last week. He is in Orlando. Did testing at the Veterans Hospital there. At 6 am tomorrow, he undergoes a hernia operation. I wish him well. He is still a youngster at 77.

Actually, I worry about him. I am 88 and went through five weeks of hell at Miami Mount Sinai recently re my heart. Three heart surgeries. Fortunately, worked out well. Though I did not think it was while I was undergoing the procedures.  Knowing Steve well, his mind is running in similar channels. Fear not my friend. God is with you. Cindy, too. And your army of friends.

Spoke with Steve this morning. The surgery will be performed robotically. Amazing! Just like my new aortic heart valve. A pig’s ass. Modern medicine!

The Florida spiny lobster season ended yesterday. Mediocre at best. Described as “less than stellar” and merely “average.” Only 4.8 million recovered and sold.

Fishermen suffered a poor season economically. The average selling price was only $5 to $6 a pound. On occasion, hit $10.

Costs to catch increased also. One example, the wood traps. Five years ago, $40 each. This year, close to $80.

China is Florida’s major customer. This season, China purchased less. Two reasons. Increased tariffs by the U.S. government and China’s shaky economy.

The new season opens August 6.

The cost of property insurance in Florida continues to rise dramatically. An economic calamity that could be even worse if a major hurricane hits.

Today’s yesteryear podcast some 7 years old. Concerns Trump’s Presidency and test kits when coronavirus hit the U.S. Recall Donald thought the virus was no big deal initially. He and Pence failed the American people at every step of the virus.



Israel has to stop its attacks on Gaza. Enough is enough. Netanyahu is literally killing the Palestinians. Israel’s retribution far exceeds the ferocity of the attack upon Israel.

Wisconsin has a significant sized Latino population. Constitutes 7.6 percent of the Wisconsin population. I was watching CBS news this morning and the head of the Wisconsin Latino group was interviewed. Her group is anti-Biden. Her reasons were two fold. One the suffering of Palestinians. I cannot recall the second. It was a “foreign” issue also.

My concern is the woman should be speaking out re ill treatment, if any, of Wisconsin Latinos. Not foreign issues. The Wisconsin Latinos game plan is to cost Biden 20,000 votes in his election against Trump. Such could deliver Wisconsin to Trump.

Makes me think the Latino organization, which was formed last year, is a Republican conceived and created group. 

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said over the weekend that Biden was a bigger threat to democracy than Trump. Kennedy is and has been anti-vaccine. He has repeatedly knocked Biden over the coronavirus vaccine and others. He believes the Biden position is far worse than the games Trump has been playing with the Presidential election itself.

RJK Jr. is not his father. I have said and written this repeatedly. Even some of Jr.’s sisters and brothers have spoken out against him.

Now he has found a female billionaire to be his running mate. He claims she will bring business experience to government. Bullshit! She will bring money to his campaign!

We have had enough of a business person being a major government figure. Especially President and in line for the job. Trump’s “experience” screwed up our government in many instances and continues to do so.

Black South Carolina students are coming out anti-Biden. Students and young people nationally likewise. Blind they must be! The Democratic Party before Biden and with Biden have done more to help students and the young than Republicans.

I cannot understand.

Enjoy your day!


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  1. Nice article! I enjoyed reading about Key West! Not so much your political views but none the less a great article. Latinos & Blacks are coming out against Biden because he is bad for us all! We ALL cannot afford to live under him! BTW, those shots were all a sham & sadly even Trump fell for them! They are causing ppl to have heart issues & cancer! Have a great day!

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