Would you vote for this woman to represent you?

Susanna Gibson is the Democratic candidate for a seat in the Virginia House of Delegates. Apparently she and her husband posted a photo of themselves having sex on a pornographic web site and asked viewers to pay them money for carrying out specific sex acts.

Her opposition leaked the porn video.

Gibson claims such was a violation of law and her privacy. She claims the video exposure constitutes “the worst of gutter politics.”

She is continuing her candidacy. Claims she will not be intimidated nor silenced.

A prude I am not. The porn video and offer to sell requested sex acts however is a step too far. Feels uncomfortable. I would not want her representing me if I lived in her Virginia district.

Syracuse/Purdue saturday. Syracuse a 2.5 point favorite. Syracuse’s first real test in the new season. I hope Syracuse wins and wins by more than 2.5 points.

Morocco death total now exceeds 2,800. Injuries 2,500.

Morocco refuses help from any nation except four which Morocco describes as “friendly countries” and only to the extent of search and rescue teams: Britain, Qatar, Spain and the United Arab Emirates. The U.S., France, Germany, and Italy have offered help. So has the United Nations. So far such help has not been accepted.

Morocco is in deep trouble. Desperate. No time to go it alone. People have no place to sleep. Water and food scarce. Is the Moroccan government crazy? A helping hand should never be refused under the circumstances. The people’s suffering justifies nothing less than accepting all the help Morocco can get.

Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano erupted for the third time this year. It is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. It is located in a national park on Hawaii’s big island.

Hawaii is undergoing too much tragedy this year.

Sugar Ray Robinson was considered the best pound for pound fighter in boxing in 1951. On October 12, 1951, he won back the middleweight title from Britain’s Randy Turpin. The bout took place in New York City’s Polo Grounds before 61,370 fans.

Trump filed motion papers yesterday in the 2020 election subversion case to disqualify U.S. District Court Judge Tanya Chutkan.

Two grounds alleged. A statement she made while sentencing two January 6 defendants and previous comments made in other cases purportedly “suggesting President Trump should be prosecuted and imprisoned.” Trump claims her statements “taint proceedings” intimating she cannot give Trump a fair trial.

Trump deserves a fair trial. There is no question he will get one. I am sick and tired of Trump’s abuse of the court system. He is making a mockery out of it. He makes too many motions in cases he is involved in. He is slowly but surely destroying confidence in the judicial system. I have written before and do so now. This “game” of his has to stop.

New York City advised in recent days the 100,000 plus immigrants foisted on it could destroy the City. School children are an example. Not enough room for regular students and the sudden migrant surge. Twenty one thousand New York City children were turned away at their schools: “No more room.” Immigrant children had taken the seats previously allocated for the 21,000.

I would support the renaming of the Key West airport to the Key West Jimmy Buffett International Airport. Any language acceptable that clearly indicates it is named after Jimmy Buffett.

Busy afternoon ahead. Hospital visit with Donna, a manicure and then The Grand for Happy Hour.

Enjoy your day!


  1. To answer your question – Yes, if she was a Republican I would still vote for her, why not?

    I am NOT a democrat, I only vote for Republicans

  2. I hear where NYC mayor Eric Adams is thinking of sending 10,000 illegal Canadian immigrants from NY to Texas just to raise the overall average IQ of Texas citizens.

  3. Yeah – Texas Republicans try to get sooooooooo much political mileage about how they are so inundated with illegal Mexican immigrants, but it turns out all those people they’re sending to NYC aren’t Mexicans after all, they’re Venezuelans, arriving in ‘caravan’s bought and paid for by George Soros.

    He calls them Mexicans anyhow, because he can’t tell the difference and that what the RNC insists the message HAS to be!

  4. Without fail every time someone states “I am not a prude” they follow that up with a statement that shows in fact they are a prude.

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