McCarthy’s Biden “Impeachment Inquiry.” What a joke. Actually, a shame. He does not have the votes to call for one. He is permitting a handful of MAGA’s to call the shots. He placed himself in this position when in desperation to get the Speaker’s job, he agreed one vote could call for a House vote to remove him.

McCarthy looks bad. So does Putin. For another reason, of course. He put his head in the noose when he decided to invade Ukraine. Now he sits with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un “begging” for arms he sorely needs to continue his battle in Ukraine.

Libya another nation taking a horrible climate beating. Thousands dead and missing following catastrophic floods from Storm Daniel. The scene of the disaster has been described as “epic,” unlike anything Libya has experienced in modern history.

Convicted two time murderer Danelo Cavalcante has successfully avoided apprehension for almost 2 weeks. He is making Pennsylvania police authorities look incompetent.

Cavalcante is confined to a heavily wooded 3-5 mile area. He is one man eluding 400-500 police officers. In due course, he is going to achieve “Rambo” status. The public will begin admiring his ability to avoid capture.

I was getting ready to publish this blog when it came over TV news that Cavalcante has been captured. No further news was available. Congratulations to police authorities for finally capturing him. Residents for several counties surrounding the wooded area have been living in fear while Cavalcante was free and on the run. He has been free since August 30 when he escaped.

This past monday was 9/11. A dark day in New York City. Weather wise and recollection wise. Came monday evening, a double rainbow formed between One World Trade Center and the Empire State Building.

Incredible. Provided light on a dark day.

A message from Above?

Jimmy Buffett’s last album completed before his death will be released in November. It will contain 3 new songs: Bubble Up, My Gummie Just Kicked In, and Like My Dog.

Fourteen songs total. The album is titled Equal Strain On All Parts. Sure to be a big seller!

I am not a fan of Florida’s Republican Senator Rick Scott. 

He is opposed to shutting down the government: “We should never shut the government.” He finally expressed an opinion I can agree with.

I finally got to visit Donna in the hospital yesterday. She has been hospitalized since August 26.

I wore a mask for fear of bringing a germ to my friend. The mask proved to be a double edged sword. Donna still has pneumonia and constantly coughing. She is still suffering from the surgery. Pain a constant. She described it as a 7 out of 10. She received a shot of morphine while I was there. She started drifting off to sleep so I left. Later in the day, she was being discharged to a rehab facility somewhere between Homestead and Miami. Her transfer by ambulance.

I have known Donna for years. A tough lady. She’ll make it. I hope sooner than later.

Terri called me later in the day. Said she was doing ok. Still tough for her also. I admire her perseverance. She is singing two nights a week.

Enjoy your day!




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